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Greene lawmakers reject shared jail study

Greene lawmakers reject shared jail study

March 13, 2018 06:41 pm

The Greene County Legislature spent two full hours discussing and learning from a study designed around shared disposal and processing of solid wastes between not two, but four counties this same night!

I didn't hear one legislator voice a concern about it!!

But, a small cadre of legislators, in committee, after saying they were going to fund a $30,000 share for a feasibility study on saving $50M by running a joint county jail with Columbia County, backed the wagon back into the barn and set it on fire!! Why? The room was full of angry voters asking the same question. All they heard was a bunch of double talk and self-serving statements by the committee on safety who are personally committed to spending our $100,000,000 on a jail bond and blowing out our tax caps. Why?

At this point, it leaves no alternative but to pressure our legislators to vote down the bail bond resolution altogether. Force the State to close our jail, which is half-closed already. Force the Sheriff to deliver our detainees to Columbia County, and pay the bill for the consequences. Vote for decent representation that will look for a grown up solution over the next couple of years. This group of clowns is useless.