Bulich, Keller spar over worker housing fund

Jack Keller

CATSKILL — Greene County Legislator Jack Keller, 64 died Thursday.

Keller, a county resident for more than 30 years, was reelected in November to the county Legislature for a second term representing District 1 Catskill. The cause of his death was not immediately available.

“Very sad for all of us,” Legislature Chairman Pat Linger said Friday afternoon. “Jack was just a genuinely nice guy that never had a bad word to say about anybody, and he stepped up to serve his community. And we all appreciate the time that we had with him. We’re certainly going to miss him on the board.”

Linger found out about Keller’s passing Thursday, he said.

“It’s still pretty fresh in our minds right now, so we haven’t figured everything out yet,” Linger said. “He’ll definitely be missed.”

The Town of Catskill Republican Club shared a statement Friday morning regarding Keller from its chairman and county Legislator Matthew Luvera, who represents Catskill District 1 on the Legislature .

“It’s with great sadness that our Catskill Republican Committee announces the death of our colleague, friend, committee person, and Legislator Jack Keller who passed away unexpectedly yesterday,” Luvera said in the statement. “Jack was a quiet, humble man that stepped up to serve his community when others would not. He took his service to our community very serious. I’m shocked over this news and I know our Legislature and Republican Committee will miss Jack’s presence. He was a gentle soul that never wished harm on others and stood true to his convictions.”

Earlier this year, Keller said he used his business background to make evidence-based decisions and that he thought government should be for the people and by the people. He was the former owner of Pitstop Discount Beverages, and had also worked in advertising for Young Broadcasting, Clear Channel and Turner Broadcasting.

Prior to his recent reelection, Keller said he had worked cooperatively with village, town and county officials and would continue to do that.

Keller said at the time that one of his top priorities going into his second term was dealing with COVID-19. He added the Legislature was proactive with handling the origins of the COVID-19 crisis over nearly two years ago.

After November’s election win, Keller said he was excited and very much looking forward to improving on what his accomplishments made in his first term as Greene County Legislator.

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