With Covid-19 infection rates on the rise across New York, the start of the high school winter sports season could be delayed for basketball and wrestling.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo expected to have an announcement on winter sports by mid-November and was asked about it during a briefing with reporters on Monday morning.

“The department of health is still looking at it,” he said.

Practice for winter sports in New York were tentatively scheduled to begin on Nov. 30, but Budget Director Robert Mujica was not overly optimistic that would be the case for the high risk sports of boys and girls basketball and wrestling.

"The issues as we’re seeing the inclines in different parts of the state, we’re not inclined to go ahead with opening the winter sports at this time,” Zucker said. “We’re continuing to review. The numbers right now don’t indicate that we’re going to expand them right now with the exception of skiing, and we put out the skiing guidance and that will open.”

Dr. Robert Zayas, the Executive Director of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association released the following statement on Monday afternoon:

"After consultation with state officials, NYSPHSAA has confirmed low and moderate risk sports (bowling, gymnastics, indoor track & field, skiing and swimming and diving) are permitted to be played. NYSPHSAA has established Nov. 30 as the winter sports start date.

"At this time, authorization has not been been provided for high risk sports to begin play. The high-risk sports start date continues to be examined and will be revised if needed but is contingent upon authorization from state officials."

Most Section II schools played an abbreviated fall season, with the sports considered ‘high risk’ — football, field hockey and girls volleyball — moved to March.

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