Section II has confirmed that low-risk Fall sports will begin on September 21 and run through November 28.

Boys and girls soccer, golf, field hockey, cross country and girls tennis can all begin on Sept. 21 and will focus on regular season play. There will not be any postseason competition for Fall sports in Section II.

Football and volleyball, which are considered high risk sports, have been given the green light to begin play on March 1.

The following is the official press release from Section II:

The Section II Executive Committee, with input from NYSDOH, NYSED, NYSPHSAA, School Administrators, Athletic Directors, Sport Coordinators, Section 2 Sport Officials, Section 2 COVID-19 Task Force, and the other 10 Section Executive Directors has made the decision to begin our Fall Sport season on September 21 in accordance with the Governor’s approval announcement.

Our Fall Sport offerings include the following low/moderate level risk sports: (Cross Country, Field Hockey, Golf, Soccer, Girls Swimming & Diving and Girls Tennis).

On September 9, NYSPHSAA made the decision to postpone the Fall season for the high-risk sports of Cheerleading, Football & Volleyball. Those three sports are scheduled to have their Fall 2 Season in March & April.

Section II President Joseph Sapienza has guided the Executive Committee with the focus being on our mission statement. Our mission statement includes: Our primary goal is to provide safe quality experiences which foster sportsmanship for our student-athletes, coaches, fans and school communities.

“The Section’s goal through all of this was to be able to provide a safe opportunity to participate for all of our sport offerings,” said Sapienza.

"This decision has been made with an understanding of the many challenges school districts and those involved in interscholastic athletics will face. With the guidance we have and the commitment to a high level of compliance with that guidance, we can safely provide this opportunity to our member schools."

Section 2 Executive Director Ed Dopp shared, “We understand that for a variety of legitimate logistical reasons some school districts may opt out of our Fall Sport offerings. In those cases, we respect and support the individual district decision.”

The Fall 2020 season will begin on September 21 and run through November 28. The season will focus on regular season play, primarily with league competition. For the Fall 2020 season there will be no Sectional or NYSPHSAA Regional or State competition.

It is our hope and goal that Fall sports will be able to complete a good portion, if not all, the maximum allowable contests. Should there be interruptions or a need to shut down, the Section has a plan in place to address those circumstances.

We have and will continue to distribute the NYSDOH, NYSPHSAA, CDC, NFHS and COVID-19 guidance to our member schools so that they can supplement their individual school district re-opening plans and provide the safest environment possible.

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