The NYS Conservation Council (NYSCC) has moved out of its office on Main Street in Ilion, NY. Their former office had been located within the Remington Arms complex where Remington had maintained a factory, headquarters, and museum until it declared bankruptcy in 2020. Remington closed its facilities in NY after a long and controversial struggle with NYS government officials.

The NYSCC state their mission includes advocacy for conservation, hunting, fishing, and trapping, while serving “…as a leading group representing sportsmen and women at the state level.”

One description of the organization put it this way;

“The Council’s members are a dedicated group of volunteers who donate their time and resources to advocate for their fellow sportsmen and women, tracking bills affecting the sporting community and following other issues like land use throughout New York State. New concerns, such as motorized access to state lands, whether on snowmobiles or four-wheelers, have arisen and the NYSCC is one of the voices in the hearing rooms of the NYS Legislature. We are the consistent voice of conservation and wise use.”

The organization’s President, Chuck Parker, said discussions of transferring to a virtual mode of operation had been ongoing for some time with the final decision to go “100 percent virtual” made at the end of their Fall convention in September of 2020.

Longtime NYSCC Office Manager, Pat Dudeck, who remarkably held the post for over 40 years, sent the following message about her decision not to make the virtual move:

“After almost 44 years the time has come for me to say farewell to the NYS Conservation Council. It has been quite a journey with 8 East Main Street in Ilion as my second home for all those many years. As with any adventure, there were highs and lows, challenges, opportunities for learning and interaction with many Council members across the state.

“Some of you were those I looked forward to seeing at the various in-person meetings of the organization over the years; and others I have never met in-person but talked with on the phone or corresponded via email to answer your inquiries and hopefully bring resolution to a situation you felt I could help you with. I am taking many memories with me and thank you for being a part of my many years with the NYSCC.

Be well!”

Pat Dudeck, Office Manager

NYS Conservation Council

I have attended many NYSCC events throughout my law enforcement career at DEC and have contacted Pat seeking information a number of times since becoming an outdoor writer. I thank Pat for a job well done and for all her assistance and dedication over the years. I hope you join me in extending best wishes to Pat as she moves on to the next chapter.

Chuck Parker remarked Pat’s dedication and service did a great deal to bring about the continued success of NYSCC stating,

“Pat was an employee of the NYSCC going on 44 years. That takes a lot of commitment and dedication (which) carried over to her volunteering to ensure this transfer to a virtual office was done as smoothly and efficiently as possible.”

The office is now managed by NYSCC Executive Director, Casey Kordziel.

Chuck went on to advise there is much to look forward to in 2021 including, “More visibility of what the NYSCC is doing for conservation and sportsmen with greater opportunities for clubs and individuals to be involved and informed.”

NYSCC’s new mailing address is:

New York State Conservation Council

1060 Broadway #1090

Albany, New York 12204

*Their email address and telephone number remain the same and are as follows:


Happy Hunting, Fishing, and Trapping until next time.

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