COXSACKIE — Ichabod Crane won its fourth consecutive Section II Class B girls tennis championship with a 7-0 victory over Greenville on Wednesday at Coxsackie-Athens High School.

Coach Megan Yeats’ Riders (15-0) didn’t lose a set the entire match in earning the title.


Singles: Elise Brennan (Ichabod Crane) defeated Bryn Fitzmaurice (Greenville) 6-2, 6-0; Gianna Sandagato (Ichabod Crane) defeated Jaden Burke (Greenville) 6-0, 6-0; Samantha Lantzy (Ichabod Crane) defeated Julia Motts (Greenville) 6-0, 6-0; Maya Brennan (Ichabod Crane) defeated Victoria Maile (Greenville) 6-0, 6-0; Zoe Geiger (Ichabod Crane) won by forfeit 1-0.

Doubles: Amara Gabriel & Shannon Ingham (Ichabod Crane) defeated Courtney DeAngelis & Angelina Rini (Greenville) 6-3, 6-1; Reese Slade & Elizabeth Spensieri (Ichabod Crane) defeated Catherine Henderson & Laila Overbaugh (Greenville) 6-2, 6-0.



Watervliet 3, C-A 1

COXSACKIE — Coxsackie-Athens dropped a 3-1 decision to Waterviet in Wednesday’s Patroon Conference girls volleyball match

C-A took the first set, 25-23, but Watervliet rallied to sweep the next three, 27-25,25-20 and 24-18.

For C-A: Abby O’Dell had 15 points and 7 assists, Katie McManus had 10 points and 4 kills, Jenna Frisbee had 9 points and 3 kills and Josie Lomio had 8 digs.



Rondout 8, TH 0

KYSERIKE — Sophia Schoonmaker recorded a hat trick to lead Rondout to an 8-0 victory over Taconic Hills in Wednesday’s Mid-Hudson Athletic League field hockey match.

Lauren Dunn and Mackenzie Heyl each added to goals to the Ganders’ cause. Lauren Schoonnaker had one goal.

Rondout outshot Taconic Hills, 28-1, and had a 14-0 edge in penalty corners.

Rondout goalkeeper Azure Jones had one save. Taconic Hills’ Grace Alvarez stopped 15 shots.

“We moved the ball with speed today and generated a lot of opportunities on attack,” Rondout coach Nanette Simione said. “Our corners were effective, scoring our first 3 goals off of corners. We were happy with our overall play today.”

Rondut improves 7-1 in the MHAL and 12-1 overall. Taconic Hills falls to 3-2-2 in the MHAL and 6-5-2 overall.




Chatham 26, Greenville 29

Chatham 26, C-A 30


C-A 15, Greenville inc.

C-A 15, Chatham inc.

Individual results

1. Finn Kosich (G) 18:04; 2. Brycen Hanes (Ch) 18:15; 3. Toby Jeralds (Ch) 18:19; 4. Timmy Jeralds (Ch) 18:30; 5. Aiden Smensted (CA) 18:31; 6. Coxsackie-Athens 18:43; 7. Anthony Bradden (CA) 19:45; 8. Tom Baumann (G) 19:49; 9. Kaleb Pettit (G) 20:20; 10. Ronin Ravsch (CA) 21:07; 11. Edmond Chan (CA) 21:40; 12. Nick Barnes (CA) 21:50; 13. David Baneni (Ch) 22:07; 14. Coxsackie-Athens 22:13; 15. Gina Bartles (CA) 22:14; 16. Jason Baneni (Ch) 22:19; 17. Mike Semaska (G) 22:42; 18. Claire Hulbert (CA) 23:15; 19. Isaac Pace (CA) 23:35; 20. Emily Smith (G) 23:57; 21. Ella Uhlar (Ch) 24:19; 22. Max Fridman (Ch) 24:31; 23. Ava Hubert (CA) 25:32


Maple Hill 15, Catskill inc.

Maple Hill 15, HTC inc.

Maple Hill 15, Watervliet inc.

Zack Civerolo (Maple Hill) 19:33; Lucas McIntosh (Maple Hill) 21:00; Nathan Riodon (Catskill) 21:09; Chris Bular (Maple Hill) 21:52; Anthony Basile (Maple Hill) 22:15; Avery Wilson-Leedy (Maple Hill) 22:20; Watervliet 22:33; Griffin Fisher (Catskill) 22:41; Garrett Legg (Hunter-Tannersville) 23:08; Lyden Smith (Hunter-Tannersville) 23:20.


Maple Hill 15, Catskill inc.

Maple Hill 15, HTC inc.

Maple Hill 15, Watervliet inc.Angelina Pusateri (Maple Hill) 22:03

Olivia Eaton (Maple Hill) 25:49; Kate Ackerman (Maple Hill) 28:40; Maya Dixit (Catskill) 28:47; Ava Byrne (Hunter-Tannersville) 28:51; Zaire Ridgeway (Maple Hill) 30:07; Sophia Mreunig (Maple Hill) 30:45; Lizet Molina-Rodriquez (Hunter-Tannersville) 31:50; Stephanie Molina-Rodriquez (Hunter-Tannersville) 31:52; Angelina Shanley (Catskill) 32:38.

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