VALATIE — The Ichabod Crane Lady Riders defeated Catholic Central in Colonial Council girls basketball action on Thursday, 45-39.

“We held the lead for most of the game, but with a well-coached team like Catholic Central it was never comfortable,” Ichabod Crane coach Adam Vooris said.

Sophomores Ashley Ames and Delaney More led ICC with 12 and eight points, respectively. The win puts ICC at 5-2 overall with one more game to play on Saturday at Ravena.

Brenna Graber from Catholic Central led all scorers with 16 points.

In a Covid shortened season, the Riders finished undefeated at home with wins against Holy Names, Albany Academy for Girls and CCHS.

“This group of girls plays so well together,” Vooris said. “Tonight, our transition offense was the difference maker. We emphasized getting out and pushing the ball up the court.”

ICC (45): Dolge 1-1-3, Schermerhorn 1-0-2, H. Ames 1-0-2, A. Ames 4-2-12, Williams 3-0-7, Bqrkley 1-0-2, More 2-4-8, Culver 1-3-5, Heffner 2-0-4. Totals 16-10-45.

3-pointers: A. Ames 2, Williams.

CCHS (39): Mattfield 2-1-7, Wilk 1-0-3, Graber 5-6-16, Giuliano 1-4-6, McGowan 3-0-7. Totals 12-11-39.

3-pointers: Mattfield 2, Wilk, McGowan.


Ichabod Crane 52, Rensselaer 49

VALATIE — Nate Garafalo scored a season-high 17 points and Brett Richards recorded a double-double to lead Ichabod Crane to a 52-49 victory over Rensselaer in Thursday’s high school boys basketball game at Ichabod Crane High School.

Richards finished with 16 points and 12 rebounds for the Riders, who posted quarterly leads of 20-13, 29-25 and 39-33.

Malachi Perry led Renselaer with 12 points.

RENSSELAER (49): Hanks 1-1-4, Perry 5-2-12, Baker 1-2-4, Wright 4-0-9, Hover 1-0-3, Johnson 2-2-6, Nixon 3-0-8, Smith 1-0-3. Totals 18-7-49.

3-pointers: Nixon 2, Smith, Hover, Wright, Hanks.

ICC (52): Suafoa 2-2-7, Richards 8-0-16, Clickman 0-2-2, Schmidt 3-0-6, Colwell 1-0-2, Race 0-2-2, Garafalo 6-2-17. Totals 20-8-52.

3-pointers: Garafalo 3, Suafoa.


Ichabod Crane 3, Taconic Hills 0

CRARYVILLE — Ichabod cRane earned a 3-0 victory over Taconic Hills in Thursday’s high school boys volleyball match.

The Riders (7-1) won by scores of 25-20, 25-18 and 27-25.

For ICC: Luke Dee had 12 kills and 2 blocks; Paul Zietsman 6assists, 4 kills and 3 aces; Eric Holmberg 12 assists and 1 ace; Ryan Tricozzi 2 kills; Topher Pelez 4 kills, 3 digs and 3 aces; Brody Chandler 3 kills, 3 aces and 3 digs; Luke Desmonie 2 kills, 1 ace and 1 dig; Owen Carpenter 1 ace.


Coxsackie-Athens at Greenville

GREENVILLE — Coxsackie-Athens traveled to Greenville on Thursday to take on the Spartans and Mechanicville-Stillwater in high school wrestling action.

Neil Murphy and Ryan Ulscht posted three wins for C-A. Teammates Aidan Scarpinati, Logan Campbell, Max Rulison, Joseph Martinez, Colin Riley, Andrew Riley, Anthony Iammuno, Thor Fallon and Jesse Picket each had two wins.

Kieran Cullen, Bernard Davis and Joseph Davis had two wins for Greenville.

Team scores were not kept.


102: Neil Murphy (Coxsackie-Athens) over Alexis LaFountain (Mechanicville-Stillwater Sr HS) (Fall 3:26); 110: Aidan Scarpinati (Coxsackie-Athens) over Decker Carpenter (Mechanicville-Stillwater Sr HS) (Dec 6-2); 110: Neil Murphy (Coxsackie-Athens) over Decker Carpenter (Mechanicville-Stillwater Sr HS) (Fall 4:21); 110: Neil Murphy (Coxsackie-Athens) over Fielding (Matthew) Pilato (Nunez) (Coxsackie-Athens) (Fall 4:00): 110: Decker Carpenter (Mechanicville-Stillwater Sr HS) over Fielding (Matthew) Pilato (Nunez) (Coxsackie-Athens) (Fall 1:10); 110:

Fielding (Matthew) Pilato (Nunez) (Coxsackie-Athens) over Alexis LaFountain (Mechanicville-Stillwater Sr HS) (Fall 4:26); 118: Logan Campbell (Coxsackie-Athens) over Alex Motta (Mechanicville-Stillwater Sr HS) (Fall 0:28); 118: Aidan Scarpinati (Coxsackie-Athens) over Gage Decker (Coxsackie-Athens) (Fall 1:32); 118; Alex Motta (Mechanicville-Stillwater Sr HS) over Gage Decker (Coxsackie-Athens) (Fall 1:04); 118 Alex Motta (Mechanicville-Stillwater Sr HS) over Rocco Salvino (Coxsackie-Athens) (Fall 4:26); 118: Rocco Salvino (Coxsackie-Athens) over Decker Carpenter (Mechanicville-Stillwater Sr HS) (Fall 0:23); 126: Logan Campbell (Coxsackie-Athens) over Aidan Smedstad (Coxsackie-Athens) (Fall 0:36); 126: Finn Gallogly (Coxsackie-Athens) over Aidan Smedstad (Coxsackie-Athens) (Dec 11-6); 126: Alex Motta (Mechanicville-Stillwater Sr HS) over Aidan Smedstad (Coxsackie-Athens) (Fall 0:54); 126: Finn Gallogly (Coxsackie-Athens) over Aidan Smedstad (Coxsackie-Athens) (Dec 11-6); 126: Max Rulison (Coxsackie-Athens) over Rocco Salvino (Coxsackie-Athens) (Fall 2:44); 132: Kieran Cullen (Greenville) over Josiah Decker (Coxsackie-Athens) (Fall 3:07); 132: Kieran Cullen (Greenville) over Finn Gallogly (Coxsackie-Athens) (Fall 0:23); 138: Schuyler Wilson (Greenville) over Schyler Caringi (Coxsackie-Athens) (Dec 4-2); 138: Schyler Caringi (Coxsackie-Athens) over Mackenzie Crivelli (Mechanicville-Stillwater Sr HS) (Fall 1:21); 138: Eric Heath (Greenville) over Schyler Caringi (Coxsackie-Athens) (Dec 2-0); 138: Josiah Decker (Coxsackie-Athens) over Eric Heath (Greenville) (Dec 10-7); 138; Bernard Davis (Greenville) over Finn Gallogly (Coxsackie-Athens) (Fall 1:04); 138: Max Rulison (Coxsackie-Athens) over Mackenzie Crivelli (Mechanicville-Stillwater Sr HS) (Fall 4:31); 145: Joseph Davis (Greenville) over Tommy Notabartolo (Coxsackie-Athens) (Fall 0:47); 145: Bernard Davis (Greenville) over Tommy Notabartolo (Coxsackie-Athens) (Dec 6-5); 145; Joseph Davis (Greenville) over Josiah Decker (Coxsackie-Athens) (Fall 1:36); 152: Luke Schirmacher (Mechanicville-Stillwater Sr HS) over Joseph Martinez (Coxsackie-Athens) (Dec 6-4); 152: Joseph Martinez (Coxsackie-Athens) over Schuyler Wilson (Greenville) (Fall 3:28); 152: Joseph Martinez (Coxsackie-Athens) over Devin Oconnor (Greenville) (Fall 2:42); 160: Ryan Ulscht (Coxsackie-Athens) over James Barone (Coxsackie-Athens) (Fall 1:09); 160: Ryan Ulscht (Coxsackie-Athens) over Devin O’Connor (Greenville) (Fall 1:20); 160: Martin Mosley (Coxsackie-Athens) over Devin O’Connor (Greenville) (Dec 7-4); 172: Jeremy Monington (Coxsackie-Athens) over James Barone (Coxsackie-Athens) (Dec 7-5); 172: Colin Riley (Coxsackie-Athens) over Rocco Crivelli (Mechanicville-Stillwater Sr HS) (Fall 1:48); 172: Ryan Ulscht (Coxsackie-Athens) over Anthony Iamunno (Coxsackie-Athens) (Dec 6-2); 172: Anthony Iamunno (Coxsackie-Athens) over Rocco Crivelli (Mechanicville-Stillwater Sr HS) (Fall 2:37); 172: Anthony Iamunno (Coxsackie-Athens) over Jeremy Monington (Coxsackie-Athens) (Fall 0:20); 172: Rocco Crivelli (Mechanicville-Stillwater Sr HS) over Martin Mosley (Coxsackie-Athens) (Fall 1:39): 172: Jeremy Monington (Coxsackie-Athens) over James Barone (Coxsackie-Athens) (Dec 7-5); 189: Andrew Riley (Coxsackie-Athens) over Cole Flannery (Greenville) (Fall 4:21); 189: Colin Riley (Coxsackie-Athens) over Cole Flannery (Greenville) (Fall 1:32); 215: Andrew Riley (Coxsackie-Athens) over Micael Daley (Mechanicville-Stillwater Sr HS) (Fall 0:23); 215: Nate VanValkenburg (Coxsackie-Athens) over Micael Daley (Mechanicville-Stillwater Sr HS) (Fall 0:38); 215: Nate VanValkenburg (Coxsackie-Athens) over Bryant Flensted (Greenville) (Fall 0:30); 215: Thor Fallon (Coxsackie-Athens) over Bryant Flensted (Greenville) (Fall 0:53); 215: Thor Fallon (Coxsackie-Athens) over Ethan Turner (Mechanicville-Stillwater Sr HS) (Fall 2:38); 285: Jesse Pickett (Coxsackie-Athens) over Ethan Turner (Mechanicville-Stillwater Sr HS) (Fall 1:48); 285: Jesse Pickett (Coxsackie-Athens) over Justin Case (Greenville) (Fall 1:32).

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