Local hunter takes aim at big bruin

Photo contributed Cody Wolfe, 25, of Hannacroix with a bruiser of a bruin taken with a bow on opening day.

On October 1, opening day of archery season for deer and bear in the Southern Zone, 25-year-old, Cody Wolfe of Hannacroix connected with a bruiser of a bear.

Cody, an experienced hunter, was bowhunting for deer adjacent to a cornfield under the canopy of the quiet hardwoods of Hannacroix. At 7:14 am, just 20 minutes after sunrise, the big bruin walked within range of the motionless hunter quietly perched in his tree stand.

Cody’s Matthews “Halon” compound bow launched a “Full Metal Jacket” aluminum/carbon arrow tipped with a 100 grain “Rage 2 Hypodermic” expandable broadhead.

Terminating its flight at 37 yards, the arrow struck its mark and the broadhead did its job striking the heart of the massive bear. Cody said the heart shot allowed the big boar to go just 40 yards before going down for the count.

His excitement at the suddenness of events and the sheer size of the majestic animal was beyond description, but was captured nicely in a photo showing the huge head of the bruin through two downed trees where it met its end with an ecstatic Cody in the background.

Dressing out at 492 pounds, the estimated live weight of the bear was nearly 550 lbs. DEC bear biologists use a formula you can use to calculate the live weight of an already dressed out bear. Simply take 11 percent of the dressed weight of the bear, then add that amount to the scaled weight to arrive at the estimated live weight.

Cody quite unofficially measured the skull with the hide on at 22 inches. Once skinned, the official green, and then dry measurement will be considerably less given the thick muscle, hide and hair of black bears.

Given its overall size, it is still likely to qualify to be entered into the Pope and Young record books.

Cody donated the meat from the bear and plans to have a full-body mount of his trophy.

Cody’s well-placed shot resulted in a humane, clean kill of a magnificent black bear. Please join me in congratulating him for jib well done!

Happy Hunting, Fishing and Trapping until next time.

News and Notes

DEC Reminds Hunters of Importance of Fitness for Hunters: DEC advised, hunting is an exciting sport, but it can also be physically demanding. Every year, some hunters suffer heart attacks and strokes. Walking in heavy clothing, carrying gear, and dragging a deer through the woods can require vigorous exertion and may be more stress than the heart can handle.

It is a good idea to exercise and build up endurance before hunting season. In addition, hunters should be prepared for winter conditions when venturing in the woods, inform a friend or relative of their whereabouts, and pack emergency supplies like flashlights, water and high energy foods.

Duck Season Opens in Southeastern Zone: The first half of the 2020 duck season in the Southeastern Zone opens one half hour before sunrise on Saturday, October 17 and ends at sunset on Thursday, October 29.

“Holiday” Deer Hunt Comment Period Remains Open: Last month, DEC announced a proposal to expand deer hunting opportunities in the Southern Zone for this year and in the future. The proposed regulations would create additional hunting opportunities to take antlered and antlerless deer with bows, crossbows, and muzzleloaders from December 26 through January 1.

Needless to say, there are strong opinions on both sides of the proposal.

Comments on the proposed regulation to extend deer season through the Christmas Holiday will be accepted through November 8, 2020.

You can weigh in on the topic by submitting an email to jeremy.hurst@dec.ny.gov, or by writing to: Jeremy Hurst, NYS DEC Bureau of Wildlife, 625 Broadway, 5th Floor, Albany, NY 12233-4754.

Remember to report poaching violations by calling 1-844-DEC-ECOS.

You can share any comments with our sports desk at sports@registerstar.com

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