HUDSON — Hudson’s Torri Carr won photo-finishes in both the 200 and 400 meter dashes to lead the Hudson girls to an 80-32 win over Greenville Thursday. Carr won the 400 in 68.6, edging Smith of Greenville who finished in 68.9. 20 minutes later she edged Mulholland of Greenvile in the 200 with both recording a time of 27.6. Ryley Brown of Hudson turned in a time of 13.2 in the 100 to equal the top time in the Patroon so far this year. Tessa Fitzmaurice ran a 10:53.8 3000 to lead Greenville. Watervliet also competed in the meet but in a nonscoring capacity.


4x800M Relay: Greenville (Pettit, Wank, Smith, Fitzmaurice) 12:16.59; 200M: Carr (Hud) :27.6; 2. Mulholland (Gr) :27.6; 400 IH: Walsh (Gr) 1:26.8; 400M: Carr (Hud) :68.6, 2. Smith (Gr) :68.9; 4x100M Relay: Hudson (Brown, C. Box, M. Box, Squires) :56.9; 1500M: Styer (Gr) 7:14.2; 100 HH: McGriff (Hud) :24.16; 100M: Brown (Hud) :13.2; High jump: Squires, Goldstein, McGriff (Hud) 3-6; Discus: Alce (Hud) 64-8; Pole vault: C.Box, Goldstein 5-0 (Hud); Shot put: M. Box (Hud) 27-0; Long jump: DelSignore (W) 15-5, Squires (Hud) 13-8; Triple Delsignore (W) 33-9; 3000M: Fitzmaurice (Gr) 10:53.8.


Hudson 67, Greenville 66

HUDSON — The Hudson boys edged Greenville on Thursday. Top performances on the day were turned in by Russell of Greenville who ran 4:41 in the 1600 and Zack Chowdhury of Hudson who won the long, triple, and high jumps and was a member of the winning 4 x 100 relay. Ahmed Mufti won both the 110 HH and 400 IH. Watervliet also competed in a non-scoring capacity.


100M: Smith (Hud) 11.7; 200M: Smith (Hud) 24.5; 800M: Metcalf (Gr) 2:23.4; 400 IH: Mufti (Hud) 1;15.3; 400: Revell (Gr) :56.1; 4x100M Relay: Hudson (Chowdhury, Gofran, Ali, Smith ) :48.5; 1600M: Rusell (Gr) 4:41.1; 110 HH: Mufti (Hud) 18.2; Long jump: Chowdhury (Hud) 18-7; Discus: Wenk (Gr) 89-1; Pole Kahlek (Hud) 5-0; Shot put: Flenstead (Gr) 28-2; Triple jump: Chowdhury (Hud) 38-10; 3200M: Pettit (Gr) 13:50; 4x400M Relay: Greenville (Britton. Britton, Revell, Van Alstyne) 4:05.9; High jump: Chowdhury (Hud) 5-0.


TH 90, Rensselaer 32

CRARYVILLE — Neil Howard III wn three individual events and Eli Russo and Josh Hemmings both won two to lead Taconic Hills past Rensselaer in Thursday’s boys track and field meet.

Howard III won the pole vault, 110-meter high hurdles and the 400-meter hurdles. Russo took the 1,600-meter and 800-meter runs and Hemmings won the shot put and discus.


4x800M Relay: Taconic Hills (Rosien, Phillips, Langer, Wessel) 12:23.71; 110M Hurdles: Howard III (TH) :16.26; 100M: Hover (R) :12.32; 1600M: Russo (TH),5:11.40; 4x100M Relay: Rensselaer (Slingerland, Mangione, Krause, Hover) :49.58; 400M: Howard III (TH) :52.97; 400M Hurles: Maisenbacher (TH) 1:11.23; 800M: Russo (TH) 2:32.11; 200M: Hover (R) :25.31; 4x400M Relay: Taconic Hills (Sigler, Langer, Russo, Maisenbacher) 4:26.36; Pole vault: Howard III (TH) 13-0; High jump: Phillips (TH) 4-2; Long jump: Cortwright (TH) 16-05.50; Triple jump: Langer (TH) 30-8; Shot put: Hemmings (TH) 393; Discus Hemmings (TH) 107-10.


TH 88, Rensselaer 38

CRARYVILLE — Clare Howard won three events and Haley Olson and Izzabell Bosko won two each as Taconic Hills topped Rensselaer, 88-38, in Thursday’s girls track and field meet.

Howard took first in the shot put, 200-meters and 100-meters, Olson won the pole vault and high jump and Bosko claimed victories in the 100-meter high hurdles and 400-meter hurdles.


4x800M Relay: Taconic Hills (Russo, Bosko, Shetsky, Nunez) 12:54.63; 100M Hurdles: Bosko (TH) :20.06; 100M: Howard (TH) :13.43; 1500M: Russo (TH) 6:07.39; 4x100M Relay: Rensselaer (Polynice, Bethea, Moo, Fiacco) :56.73; 400M: Moo (R) 1:12.54; 400M Hurdles: Bosko (TH) 1:16.42; 800M: Shetsky (TH) 3:02.61; 200M: Howard (TH) :27.19; 4x400M Relay: Taconic Hills (Russo, McGlynn, Bosko, Nunez) 4:58.26; Pole vault: Olson (TH) 5-6; High jump: Olson (TH) 4-0; Long jump: Howard (TH) 15-6; Triple jump: Conway (TH) 25-05.75; Shot put: Howard (TH) 26-4; Discus: Bethea (R) 61-08.50.


C-A 114,Cairo-Durham 22

C-A 83, Green Tech 45

4x800M Relay: CA 10:45; 110M HH: Wolbert (CA) :17.3; 100M: Barry (GT) :12.0; 1600M: Minhetri (CD) 5:41; 4x100M Relay: Green Tech :47.9; 400M: Caruso (CA) :56.3; 400M Hurdles: Barone (CA) :73.9; 800M: Smedstead (CA) 2:20.7; 200M: Lazarra (CA) :26.0; 3200M: CD 13:52; 4x400M Relay: CA 4:18.3; Long jump: McClean (GT) 18-8.5; Triple jump: Wolbert (C) 34-11.75; High jump: McClean (GT) 5-4; Pole vault: Caruso, (CA) 9-0; Shot put: Van Vaulkenburg (CA) 36-6; Discus: Workman (GT) 99-4.


C-A 89, Cairo-Durham 38

C-A 93.5, Albany Leadership 47.5

4x800M Relay: CA 13.58; 110M HH: Hinrichsen (CA) :21.1; 100M: Wiggins (AL) :13.6; 1500M: Myers (CD) 6:16; 4x100M Relay: Albany Leadership :57.5; 400M: Hubert (CA) :77.0; 400M HH: Townsend (AL); 800: Crown (CA) 2:39; 200M: Wiggins (AL) :29.9; 3000M: Myers (CD) 14:14; 4x400M relay: CA 5:00.4; Long jump: Bartles (CA) 14-1; Triple jump: Bartles (CA) 28-6; High jump: Squier (CA) 4-4; Pole vault: Mattraw-Johnson (CA) 6-0; Shot put: Schermerhorn (CD) 23-7; Discus: Wolbert (CA).


Maple Hill 120, Catskill 14

3200M Relay: Maple Hill (Brewer, Marra, Civerolo, Halvax) 10:18.3; 110M Hurdles: A. Isbester (MH) :19.3; 100M: G. Isbester (MH) :11.7; 1600M: B. Marra (MH) 5:10; 400M Relay: Maple Hill (Tuttle, Honsinger, Hirschoff, Thomas) :48.3; 400M: Serantino (MH) :55.5; 400M Hurdles: A. Isbester (MH) 1:10.4; 800M: Marra (MH) 2:06.8; 200M: G. Isbester (MH) :23.9; 3200M: Gieser (MH) 12:32.8; 1600M Relay: Maple Hill (Fletcher, Thomas, Serantino, Halvax) 4:15.2; Long Jump: Pomykaj (MH) 18-0; Triple Jump: Fletcher (MH) 35-11; High Jump: Gieser (MH) 5-2; Pole vault: Tuttle (MH) 7-0; Shot put: Gaillard (C) 34-0.5; Discus: Donnelly (MH) 100-2.


Maple Hill 105, Catskill 14

3200M Relay: Maple Hill (Misiaszek, Deso, Brahm, Pusateri) 12:09.3; 100M Hurdles: Jacobs (MH) :18.0; 100M: Bennett (MH) :13.4; 1500M: Misiaszek (MH) 5:38.6; 400M Relay: Mapel Hill (Bennett, Honsinger, Hirschoff, Thomas) :55.3; 400M: Misiaszek (MH) 1:11; 400M Hurdles: Jacobs (MH) 1:16.5; 800M: Deso (MH) 3:07.2; 200M: Bennett (MH) :28.5; 3000M: Pusateri (MH) 12:16.1; 1600M Relay: Maple Hill (Jacobs, Deso, Bennett, Thomas) 4:45.4; Long jump: Thomas (MH) 14-0.5; Triple jump: Brahm (MH) 29-0; High jump: Honsinger (MH) 4-2; Pole Vault N/A; Discus: Szlenka (MH) 69-0; Shot put: Jacobs (MH) 25-3.

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