H.S. TRACK & FIELD: Howard III smashes his own school record

Photo contributed Taconic Hills’ Neil Howard III broke his own school record in the pole vault on Tuesday with a vault of 13-11 during a Patroon Conference meet against Catskill.

COXSACKIE — Feshman Neil Howard III shattered a school record he set just last week with a 13-11 effort in the pole vault to spark Taconic hills to a 106-15 victory over Catskill in Tuesday’s Patroon Conference boys track and field meet.

Catskill also fell to Coxsackie-Athens, 117-13.

Howard had broke a record that stood for 40 years at Taconic Hills last week with a 13-3 vault, but surpassed that mark by eight inches on Tuesday.

He also won the 800-meter run and the long jump. Teammates Josh Hemmings and Eli Russo were double winners, Hemming taking the shot put and discus and Russo winning the 3,200-meter run and 1,600-meter run.


4x800M Relay: TH 10:49; 110M HH: Wolbert (CA) :16.5; 100M: Cortwright (TH) :11.9; 1600M: Russo (TH) 5:07; 4x100M Relay: CA :48.9; 400M: Caruso (CA) :57.5; 400M Hurdles: Maisenbacher (TH) :72.0; 800M: Howard (TH) 2:13; 200M: Cortwright (TH) :25.2; 3200M: Russo (TH) 13:03; 4x400M Relay: TH 4:07; Long jump: Howard (TH) 19-11; Triple jump: Wolbert (CA) 34-1/2; High jump: Phillips (TH) 4-6; Pole vault: Howard (TH) 13-11 (school record); Shot put: Hemmings (TH) 40-9; Discus: Hemmings (TH) 116-6.


C-A 113.5, Catskill 24.5

TH 110, Catskill 17

COXSACKIE — Clare Howard racked up four more wins as Taconic Hills topped Catskill, 110-17, in Tuesday’s Patroon Conference girls track and field meet.

Catskill also dropped a 113.5-24.5 decision to Coxsackie-Athens.

Howard won the 100-meters, the 400-meters, the high jump and the shot put in leading the Titans to victory.


4x800M Relay: TH 12.42; 100M HH: Olsen (TH) :19.3; 100M: Howard (TH) :13.1; 1500M: Russo (TH) 6:01; 4x100M Relay: CA :57.8; 400M: Howard (TH) :62.5; 400M Hurdles: Hubert (CA) :75.0; 800M: Olsen (TH) 2:58; 200M: Crown (CA) :30.7; 3000M: Russo (TH) 13:44; 4x400M Relay: CA 5:00.4; Long jump: Bartels (CA) 14-3 1/4; Triple jump: Bartels (CA) 31-2 1/2; High jump: Howard (TH) 4-8; Ple vault: Inzerillo (CA) 6-6; Shot put: Howard (TH) 27-9 1/2; Discus: Wolbert (CA) 67-9 1/2.


Maple Hill 108 Hudson 32

3200M Relay: Maple Hill (Gieser, Halvax, Fletcher, Marra) 9:43.6; 110M High Hurdles: Mufti (H) :19.9; 100M: G. Isbester (MH) :11.6; 1600M: B. Marra (MH) 4:52.4; 400M Relay: Maple Hill (Tuttle, Pomykaj, Thomas,G. Isbester) :47.4; 400M: Fletcher (MH) :56.3; 400M Hurdles: A. Isbester (MH) 1:10.2; 800M: B. Marra (MH) 2:20.4; 200M: G. Isbester (MH) :23.7; 3200M: B. Marra (MH) 10:59.1; 1600M Relay: MAple Hill (Fletcher, Serantino, Thomas, G. Isbester) 3:52.3; Long jump: Chowdhury (H) 18-5.5; Triple jump: Chowdhury (H) 41-1.5; High jump Chowdhury (H) 5-4; Pole vault: Pomykaj (MH) 8-0; Shot put: Lewis (H) 29-3; Discus: J. Donnelly (MH) 99-1.


Maple Hill 84, Hudson 47

3200M Relay: Maple Hill (Misiaszek, Deso, Brahm, Pusateri) 11:40; 100M High Hurdles: Jacobs (MH) 18.1; 100M: Brown (H) :13.5; 1500M: Misiaszek (MH) 5:36.1; 400M Relay: Hudson (Brown, Carr, Goldstein, C.Box) :54.4; 400M: Misiaszek (MH) 1:08.4; 400M Hurdles: Jacobs (MH) 1:15.8; 800M: Pusateri (MH) 2:48.8; 200M: Bennett (MH) :28.3; 3000M: Pusateri (MH) 12:06.8; 1600M Relay: Maple Hill (Jacobs, Deso, Bennett, Thomas) 4:37; Long Jump: Mann (H) 14-0; Triple jump: Brahm (MH) 30-3.5; High jump: Mann (H) 4-2; Pole vault: C. Box (H) 5-0; Discus: Szlenka (M) 73-11; Shot put: Jacobs (MH) 26-0.


Chatham 106, Cairo-Durham 19

4x800 relay: Chatham (To. Jeralds, Ti. Jeralds, Maxwell, Haner) 14:28.6; 110M hurdles: Ti. Jeralds (Chat) :18.4; 100M: Holsapple (Chat) :11.8; 1600M: To. Jeralds (Chat) 5:01.7; 4x100M relay: Chatham (Holsapple, Baneni, Newton, Reutenauer) :49.2; 400M: Ti. Jeralds (Chat) :59.2; 400M hurdles: Rivenburg (CD) :67.4; 800M: To. Jeralds (Chat) 2:25.4; 200M: Holsapple (Chat) :25.2; 3200M: Ti. Jeralds (Chat) 11:38.2; 4x400 relay: Chatham (To. Jeralds, Newton, Baneni, Jennings) 4:19.0; Discus: Spock (Chat) 84-5; Shot put: Reed (Chat) 31-2; High jump: Barlow (Chat) 5-4; Triple jump: Barlow (Chat) 36-9.5; Long jump: Barlow (Chat) 19-1.


Chatham 65, Cairo-Durham 64

Chatham 72, Albany Leadership 54

4x800 relay: Chatham (Shufelt, Z. Palubeckis, Reichardt, Witaszek) 15:58.9; 100M hurdles: Barlow (Chat) :17.6; 100M: Wiggins (AL) :13.2; 1500 M: G. Myers (CD) 6:20.7; 4x100M relay: AL (Nicolson, Comas, Akinwale, Wiggins) :58.5; 400M: James (CD) :75.0; 400M hurdles: Myers (CD) 1:40.6; 800: Myers (CD) 3:06.2; 200M: MacGiffert (CD) :29.0; 3000M: Myers (CD) 15:44.8; 4x400M relay: Chatham (J. Palubeckis, Shufelt, Palladino, Carroll) 6:04.2; Discus: Spock (Chat) 71-2; Shot put: Whitfield (AL) 26-3; High jump: Khadijha (CD) 4-4; Triple jump: Barlow (Chat) 28-2.75; Long jump: Barlow (Chat) 13-9.75.


Greenville 90, Rensselaer 31

3200M Relay: None; 110M Hurdles: Flenstead (G) :23.1; 100M: Hover :11.1: 1600M: Foster (G) 5:22.1; 4x400M Relay: Rensselaer :49.2; 400M: Revell (G) :55.5; 400M Hurdles: Bryant (R) 1:10.9; 800M: Kosich (G) 2:17.6; 200M: Hover (R) :24.4; 3200M: Pettit (G) 12:46.5; 1600M Relay: Greenville (Kosich, Metcalf, Revell, VanAlstyne) 4:15.7; Long jump: Wilson (G) 16-11; Triple jump: Bowden (G) 34-4; High jump: Cullen (G) 5-0; Pole vault None; Shot put: Flenstead (G) 29-0; Discus: Wilson (G) 88-0.


Greenville 60, Rensselaer 54

3200M Relay: None; 100M Hurdles: Felina (R) :20.0; 100M: Kosich (G) :13.4; 1500M: T. Fitzmaurice (G) 4:58.1; 400M Relay: Rensselaer :55.2; 400M: Smith (G) :67.0; 400M Hurdles: Felina (R) 1:22.5; 800M: T. Fitzmaurice (G) 2:31.4; 200M: Mulholland (G) :27.8; 3000M: None; 1600M Relay: Greenville (Smith, B. Fitzmuarice, Kosich, Mulholland) 4:53.5; Long jump: O’Hare (G) 13-3; Triple jump: Burke (G) 20-4; High jump: Rensselaer 3-7; Pole vault: None; Discus: Avery (R) 58-0; Shot put: SanEmeterio (G) 22-10.

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