Governor Andrew Cuomo addressed specific questions about the possibility of football being played this fall for high schools across New York State.

When asked this question directly, Cuomo replied that, “These are all value judgments that we’re making and the balance on the judgment is always the same. Increase the activity to the rate of normalcy as quickly as possible for sports for cultural activities on the other side of the scale, don’t let the infection rate get above 1%, and keep the virus at a manageable level. that’s always been the balance.”

The governor further explained the decision-making process and acknowledged how well New York has been handling it recently. “How did we go after having one of the highest infection rates after an ambush to the lowest? Because we achieved that balance well. Its not a personal opinion, it’s a numerical, quantifiable fact,” Cuomo said.

“So yes, other states have done other things ... Those other states, you notice your infection rate keeps going up and ours keeps going down. Maybe you want to reconsider your balance beam of decision-making.”

Cuomo has constantly been amending the list of states that people entering New York from, must quarantine for 14 days, and Tuesday he removed Alaska, Arizona, Delaware, Maryland, and Montana from that list. However in Wednesday’s briefing, State Budget Director Robert Mujica reiterated that travelling should be minimal when it comes to sports returning to people’s daily lives.

“The guidelines we’ve been using in limiting low risk sports and then medium and high risk those standards come from the department of health,” Mujica said.

“Because we allowed low risk sports, that has contributed to our very low infection rate at this time. And we have seen clusters of infections that have happened and related to sports and high school sports. In other states, people who violated the guidelines and went to other states in tournaments have become infected and those are documented.”

Governor Cuomo stuck to his mantra to close this topic by following what the data shows.

“You are already on notice and have evidence of factors that are coming that could very well complicate the situation,” said Cuomo. “So don’t be reckless, act intelligently and follow the science.”

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