Columbia-Greene Media Ichabod Crane’s Isabella Milazzo was named the Colonial Council MVP, earned First-Team All-State status in Class B and helped the Riders reach another state Final Four in 2019.


Isabella Milazzo/Ichabod Crane Softball

Q: How did you fall in love with your sport?

A: What made me fall in love with softball was my family, this is something we’ve done together since I was little. My family has always supported me and they’ve been there through my greatest accomplishments, as well as my worst losses. They’ve pushed me to become better, and thanks to them I have made the best memories with the most amazing people in the world on and off the field. They have really shown me that this is something special and I’m really blessed to do it.

Q: What’s your favorite moment as an athlete in that sport?

A: My favorite moment in softball was when I was about nine years old and my All-Star team had just won districts. For me, that was a big turning point as it made me feel like I could become an amazing player, and it’s a memory I’ve kept in mind to push myself to get better. However, my favorite memory from school softball was the game we played against Maple Hill last year. My family always comes to my games, however because of the day they couldn’t make it (or so I thought). While I was warming up my dad walked up to the field which was a very nice surprise plus I threw a perfect game. Like the other memory, it’s one I keep in mind that makes me want to get better and continue to improve.

Q: What is your favorite sports moment as a fan?

A: My favorite sports moment as a fan was Mike Piazza’s home run after 9/11.

Q: What athlete do you look up to the most and why?

A: The athlete I look up to the most is Jackie Robinson. Even though he faced extreme hate, not only from fans, but also from people he played with, he chose to do the right thing. He kept working and was able to become Rookie of the Year the first year he was on the Dodgers. This changed the sports world forever. I admire his bravery and the courage it took to do what he did. He proved what the world should know, everyone is equal and should be treated as such.

Q: Best advice you’ve received from a coach, mentor or teammate in your sport?

A: The best advice I’ve received is to have short term memory on the field. No matter what you did, whether it’s good or bad you need to erase it from your memory. One good play doesn’t make a game great and one bad play doesn’t make a game terrible, it’s the mental aspect of it that changes it one way or the other. All one can do is stay positive and focus on what they have to do next. It’s a team sport so there’s really no use in beating yourself up over anything because you have a whole family behind you to help. The only thing that makes a game bad is spreading a negative attitude.

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