Photo contributed Nick Tryon was named the Patroon Conference Mountain Division MVP and helped Coxsackie-Athens win the state Class C boys volleyball regional championship this past season.


Nick Tryon/Coxsackie-Athens

Q: How did you fall in love with your sport?

A: The sport of volleyball require a unique type of teamwork. It requires a certain bond and, friendship to make a team successful. Every player on the court has to be on the same page, and know what they have to do in order to have a winning record. So the friendships, and the challenge of being one as a team is what I love about the sport.

Q: What’s your favorite moment as an athlete in that sport?

A: Easily the greatest moment was winning regionals this year. All the hard work and teamwork let us fulfill the expectations given to us at the start of the season. To see it come together was amazing and made me proud of our team and what we accomplished.

Q: What is your favorite sports moment as a fan?

A: My favorite sports moment wasn’t in volleyball, rather football. As a New Yorker, the greatest sports moment to me was the David Tyree helmet catch that led The Giants to win Super Bowl 42 against the undefeated Patriots. I remember watching that like it was yesterday. As a five-year old boy I thought how the Giants overcame all odds was an amazing sports moment to me.

Q: What athlete do you look up to the most and why?

A: Keeping with the football theme and the New York Giants, the athlete I look up the most to is Eli Manning. Eli was a very quiet player, but was very much respected and followed as a leader by his teammates. Eli was able to overcome the odds twice, beating the Patriots in Super Bowl 42 and Super Bowl 46. To me growing up, he was a hero.

Q: Best advice you’ve received from a coach, mentor or teammate in you sport?

A: The best advice I have ever received was from my volleyball coach, Coach Colwell. He said that a leader makes everyone on the team better and that not only should you lead them, but also make their abilities in that sport better. I always tried to apply that in any sports season I was given a chance to lead. I will continue to use that advice in the future.

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