ECO Glorioso promoted to Lieutenant

Photo contributedCongratulations to newly “Pinned” Lt. Glorioso.

Congratulations are in order for local Environmental Conservation Officer (ECO) Anthony Glorioso. He has accepted a promotion to Supervising Environmental Conservation Officer of Emergency Management and Response in the Northern District.

Newly pinned, now Lieutenant Glorioso, recently left Greene County to assume his new duties in the North Country.

Lt. Glorioso had been serving Greene County as an ECO for over 11 years, living with his family in Roundtop. I thank him for his dedication and service during that time as an enthusiastic conservation law enforcement professional.

His background includes receiving a Bachelor’s in Wildlife Management from SUNY Cobleskill in 2003. Upon graduation, he began his career with DEC as a Wildlife Technician on Long Island in 2004.

Fulfilling a life-long dream he became an ECO the following year, graduating from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation 16th Basic School for Uniformed Officers at Oswego, NY in 2005.

He spent the first four years as an ECO in the Bronx, then transferred to Greene County in Region 4 in 2009 where he served as an ECO until his promotion earlier this month.

Some highlights of Lt. Glorioso’s career include his receiving the Samuel S. Taylor Award, the DEC Division of Law Enforcement’s highest award for valor. He was awarded the high honor for his outstanding actions as a boat operator in a dangerous swift water rescue on Sunday August 11, 2011, during the flooding from Hurricane Irene.

That day, an unbelievable 17 inches of rain fell in just a few hours throughout Windham and the surrounding peaks. Phillip Delvin, of Windham was found to be stranded in his trailer surrounded by rushing muddy water.

The trailer was beginning to flood when ECO Glorioso launched a 16-foot aluminum boat into the rushing water for the rescue attempt. He was assisted by State Troopers Michael O’Connell and Jonathan Quinn as crew.

The officers safely and successfully maneuvered the boat 75 to 100 yards across rushing water to the trailer where Mr. Delvin was loaded into the boat and brought back to dry land safe and unharmed.

Glorioso’s fateful day did not end there. Later that same day, he, ECO Scott Daly, ECO Lt. Jim Hays, and two state troopers attempted to rescue a woman trapped in a mobile home that had

had been swept approximately 300 yards from its foundation with water rushing through the house. Mrs. Osborne, 79, was last seen by witnesses standing inside the kitchen door with her walker. She had been waiting for her 77-year-old husband who had gone to their detached garage and became stranded due to the high and fast-moving water.

ECOs Glorioso and Daly were able to reach the garage and brought Mr. Osborne to safety. After deploying a ladder to the trailer which was subjected to the massive force of the swift moving flood, ECO Glorioso and NYS Trooper O’Connell were finally able to reach and enter the building that housed Mr. Osborne’s wife. Sadly, the home was so completely flooded, Mrs. Osborne succumbed to the floodwaters before rescuers were able to get to her.

In addition to his award for valor for his selfless actions on that day, Lt. Glorioso is the recipient of the Division’s Life Saving Award for his quick-thinking during a critical motorcycle accident. He has also been recognized with several Captain’s Commendations.

Serving as an ECO in Greene County, Glorioso made some outstanding arrests stemming from extensive investigations into the commercialization of striped bass, snagging walleye in the Catskill Creek, and jacking deer with crossbows in the Town of Cairo.

Lt. Glorioso is an aggressively dedicated professional with extensive professional experience and training. Please join me in congratulating him on this well-deserved promotion.

Happy Hunting, Fishing and Trapping until next time.

Remember to report poaching violations by calling 1-844-DEC-ECOS.

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