HUDSON — Outside of the impact on public health and the nation’s economy, the Coronavirus is also taking a toll on what a lot of Americans turn to in troubling times, sports.

Since March 12, the world of sports has been dark, with no timetable for a restart, aside from the UFC who is still holding events and actively looking for venue changes and only using essential personnel for their events.

Not only has the professional sports world been turned upside down on the global scale, but amateurs and high school athletes have been affected a great deal as well, on the local level.

Section II’s Executive Committee and League Presidents for the NYSPHSAA, as a response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, has said in a statement sent to the athletic directors and coaches that they “will continue to hold out hope that our student-athletes will have the opportunity to return to Interscholastic Athletic competition…and we support the postponement of interscholastic athletic competition, rather than the cancellation of it.”

After this consideration, the committee decided to shut down all Section II scrimmages and contests that had been originally between now through April 19, with some schools in the section being closed through May 1.

There is another conference call scheduled for April 1 to reevaluate the situation, but this means that teams cannot even get together to practice and prepare, if they do end up having a season.

Hudson’s girls’ track coach Jack Connor highlighted just how difficult these suspensions of play would affect the season, if they were to comply with the April 19 benchmark with no further delay.

“The first meet has to be held after April 19 and the sectionals are May 26,” Connor said. “So if there is a season, it is going to be cramming a lot of meets into five weeks.”

This has a direct impact on seniors in spring sports, that can only practice on their own now, and hope that is a sufficient warm up for if their final year as a high school athlete. New York State has banned gatherings of 50 people or more, so this could provide room for practices for these athletes, but coach Connor has said otherwise.

“The track team had their last practice last night (March 17) and cannot practice until April 2.”

Connor also commented on the disappointment in the potential for seniors to not get the full season they worked so hard for.

“In Hudson we always have a few kids who do the sport for three years and then after college applications are out, suddenly decide to not compete their senior year.

“So the seniors we do have, are kids who are completely committed, love the sport, and are always the last kids to leave practice.”

Hudson seniors that Connor specifically highlighted for this season included Monalissa Carius, Pierre Jeune, Osman Gofran, Chris Fenderson, Mashuda Sultana, and Jasmine Ahmed.

“Carius was 17 inches off of the school record in the triple jump last season, and 11 inches off of the shotput record, and Jeune had been throwing the discus extraordinarily well,” the coach said.

“Other seniors we have, have been on the team for three or four years, always give their all … and I just hope all of them get that last chance to compete.”

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