CATSKILL — Matt Bowes rolled a 279 single en route to a 698 triple and Zach Porreca fired a 278 single with a 658 triple to power Hudson to a 5-0 victory over Taconic Hills in Thursday’s Patroon Conference bowling match at Hoe Bowl Lanes.

The unbeaten Bluehawks finished with a total pinfall of 3,026, while Taconic Hills had 2,521.

Taylor Shackleton’s 491 was the high triple for the Titans. Brayden Jause finished with a 442.

Chatham 5, Coxsackie-Athens 0

EAST GREENBUSH — Tyler Beaudry had a 216-643 to spark Chatham to a 5-0 victory over Coxsackie-Athens in Thursday’s Patroon Conference bowling match.

LJ Morse followed Beaudry with a 220-590 for the Panthers. Skyler Laurange rolled a 158-460 and Jordan Fisher had a 150-382.

Leo Woytoyich finished with a 178-484 to pace the Indians. Paul Moran added a 171-448.

Chatham ran off games of 956, 1,008 and 885 for a 2,849 total. C-A rolled a 536, 652 and 579 for 1,767.


Hudson 5, Rensselaer 0

EAST GREENBUSH — Matt Bowes’ 214-585 led Hudson to a 5-0 victory over Rensselaer on Tuesday at the East Greenbush Bowling Center.

Dylan McDonald added a 166-485 to the Bluehawks’ cause.

Quintin Hapeman topped Rensselaer with a 133-369.

Hudson had games of 848, 946 and 889 for a total pinfall of 2,683. The Rams finished with a total of 1,589 on games of 599, 589 and 596.

Chatham 5, Taconic Hills 0

CATSKILL — Taconic Hills hosted Chatham on Tuesday at The Hoe Bowl and lost, 5-0.

Chatham had a total pinfall of 2,746, while Taconic Hills had 2,266.

Anthony Genovese led the Titans with a 466, and Zach Rowe bowled a 404.

For the Panthers, Skylar Laurange bowled a 534 and a personal game best of 204, while Mikey Morse bowled a 510 triple and a personal game best of 216.

Maple Hill 5, Cairo-Durham 0

CATSKILL — Michael Laney fired a 194-535 to highlight Maple Hill’s 5-0 victory over Cairo-Durham in Tuesday’s PAtroon Conference bowling action.

Steven Maggio led Cairo-Durham with a 165-432.


Maple Hill 26, Ravena 6

EAST GREENBUSH — Rachel Gardner rolled a 208-595 to help Maple Hill defeat Ravena, 26-6, in Wednesday’s Colonial Council girls bowling match.

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