The Berkshire League held its annual end of the year meet called Individuals on Friday, a non-scoring meet that is intended for the swimmers to be able to compete in their favorite races.

Usually, the league consists of four Massachusetts teams, three New York teams and one team from Vermont. This year, due to COVID restrictions only the three New York teams (New Lebanon/Berlin, Taconic Hills & Hudson) and one Massachusetts team (Wahconah) were able to compete.

The meet was held virtually at each team’s pools. It’s been a short and strange season this year, but the athletes made the most of it and ended the year on a good note.

Here are a few highlights from the meet:

Taconic Hills: Daisy Plaza was less than a second off of the school record in the 100 backstroke and Lily Russo dropped 18 seconds off of her 500 Freestyle time.

Hudson: Tessa Goldstien and Emma Hanley both dropped more than three seconds off their 100 free times. Eighth grader Autumn Hopkins dropped seven seconds on the 100 breaststroke after dropping seven seconds in the 500 Freestyle.

Wahconah: Jacob Kunzmann qualified for Western Mass. Sectionals in the 100 Backstroke with a 1:03.38. Zach Archambault had career best times in 100 breaststroke and 200 IM.

New Lebanon/Berlin: The girls relay team of Chloe Meyers, Alex Sotek, Allison Slater and Rilynn Jones broke two school records in the 200 Freestyle (by three seconds) and the 400 Freestyle (by tw seconds).

Alex Sotek and Allison Slater placed first in all four of their events and Chloe Meyers placed first in three of her four events. Liam Buckenroth dropped 13 seconds in his 500 Freestyle and hit a New York Sectional time. Matt Kluck also hit a qualifying time in the 50 Freestyle.



200 Medley Relay: TH (Daisy Plaza, Imogen Drake, Lauren Madsen, Sydney Kiernan), 2:23.70; Wahconah (Sarah Kunzmann, Alex Bills, Sarah Curti, Sheffield Drewry), 2:30.78; NL/B (Carol Kirsimagi, Elizabeth Hunt, Mikayla Corsey, Chloe Meyers), 2:32.16; NL/B Sasha Truax, Abby Seyerlein, Mia Thompson, Kiley Danforth), 2:45.99.

100 Butterfly: Allison Slater (NL/B), 1:08.93*; Lauren Madsen (TH), 1:16.32*; Sarah Curti (W), 1:28.10; Sheffield Drewry (W), 1:40.97.

200 Freestyle: Lily Russo (TH), 2:39.82; Abby Seyerlein (NL/B), 2:48.96; Abby Cobb (W), 3:09.17.

100 Freestyle: Alex Sotek (NL/B), :58.52*; Clare Howard (TH), 1:02.24*; Emma Avenia (TH), 1:02.25*; Rilynn Jones (NL/B), 1:11.38; Tessa Goldstien (H), 1:11.60; Emma Hanley (H), 1:12.97.

200IM: Chloe Meyers (NL/B), 3:02.11; Carol Kirsimagi (NL/B), 3:10.95; Sheffield Drewry (W), 3:34.34; Paxton Strout (W), 4:14.44.

50 Freestyle: Alex Sotek (NL/B), :26.17*; Emma Avenia (TH), :28.09*; Clare Howard (TH), :28.19*; Lauren Madsen (TH), :28.91*; Daisy Plaza (TH), :29.57*; Sarah Kunzmann (W), :31.08.

500 Freestyle: Lily Russo (TH), 7:12.92; Sarah Curti (W), 7:15.62; Kiley Danforth (NL/B), 8:21.19; Autumn Hopkins (H), 8:26.94; Abby Cobb (W), 906.62.

200 Freestyle Relay: NL/B (Chloe Meyers, Rilynn Jones, Allison Slater, Alex Sotek), 1:53.78; TH (Clare Howard, Lauren Madsen, Lily Russo, Emma

Avenia), 1:59.06; Wahconah (Sarah Kunzmann, Sarah Curti, Alex Bills, Abby Cobb), 2:16.50; NL/B (Carol Kirsimagi, Sasha Truax, Mikayla Corsey, Mia Thompson), 2:18.49; NL/B (Elizabeth Hunt, Ava Noel, Maddy York, Jaezsa Bartolotta), 2:36.43.

100 Backstroke: Daisy Plaza (TH) 1:09.71*; Sarah Kunzmann (W), 1:19.95; Carol Kirsimagi (NL/B), 1:25.76; Kiley Danforth (NL/B), 1:40.87.

100 Breaststroke: Allison Slater (NL/B), 1:20.05*; Elizabeth Hunt (NL/B), 1:31.69; Alex Bills (W), 1:37.26; Abby Seyerlein (NL/B), 1:39.42; Imogen Drake (TH), 1:39.46; Mia Thompson (NL/B), 1:45.35; Autumn Hopkins (H), 1:45.87; Maddy York (NL/B), 1:56.60.

400 Freestyle Relay: NL/B (Rilynn Jones, Chloe Meyers, Alex Sotek, Allison Slater), 4:17.84; NL/B (Ava Noel, Kiley Danforth, Mikayla Corsey, Abby Seyerlein), 5:27.42; Wahconah (Paxton Strout, Abby Cobb, Sheffield Drewry, Karyssa Charon), 6:02.36.


200 Medley Relay: NL/B (Riley Schwartz, Matt Kluck, Liam Buckenroth, Winter Exely), 2:12.64; TH (Logan Fink, Jasper Jarzombek, Neil Howard III,

Josh Sena), 2:15.00; Wahconah (Xavier Wellington, Zach Archambault, Jacob Kunzmann, Aiden Aldrich), 2:15.71; Wahconah Liam Looney, Callum Prett,

Evan Strout, Brock Prett), 3:06.75.

100 Butterfly: Evan Strout (W), 1:35.97

100 Freestyle: Neil Howard III (TH), :56.93*; Braydan McMillan (NL/B), 1:05.37; Josh Sena (TH), 1:05.51; Winter Exley (NL/B), 1:05.51; Xavier Wellington (W), 1:10.73; Evan Strout (W), 1:19.71; Brock Prett (W), 1:41.72.

200 IM: Jacob Kunzmann (W), 2:21.28; Zach Archambault (W), 2:43.69; Chris Russell (TH), 2:55.33.

200 Freestyle: Brock Prett (W), 3:58.07.

50 Freestyle: Neil Howard III (TH), :23.63*; Matt Kluck (NL/B), :26.30*; Winter Exley (NL/B), :27:47; Josh Sena (TH), :28.91; Braydan McMillan (NL/B), :29.06; Riley Schwartz (NL/B), :29.53.

500 Freestyle: Liam Buckenroth (NL/B), 6:15.13*; Logan Fink (TH), 7:13.05; Callum Prett (W), 8:40.37.

200 Freestyle Relay: TH (Tyler Mulrein, Chris Russell, Josh Sena, Neil Howard III), 1:54.15; Wahconah (Zach Archambault, Liam Looney, Jacob Kunzmann, Xavier Wellington), 1:54.62; NL/B (Winter Exley, Braydan McMillan, Riley Schwartz, Carlton Truax), 2:00.69.

100 Backstroke: Jacob Kunzmann (W), 1:03.38; Liam Buckenroth (NL/B), 1:20.84; Xavier Wellington (W), 1:36.50.

100 Breaststroke: Zach Archambault (W), 1:20.34; Matt Kluck (NL/B), 1:21.13; Chris Russell (TH), 1:25.36; Jasper Jarzombek (TH), 1:28.16; Carlton Truax (NL/B), 1:38.94; Tyler Mulrein (TH), 1:38.95; Liam Looney (W), 1:48.95; Aiden Aldrich (W), 1:59.19; Callum Prett (W), 2:01.37.

400 Freestyle Relay: NL/B (Riley Schwartz, Braydan McMillan, Winter Exley, Matt Kluck), 4:23.96; TH (Logan Fink, Tyler Mulrein, Jasper Jarzombek, Chris Russell), 5:15.53; Wahconah (Evan Strout, Brock Prett, Aiden Aldrich, Callum Prett), 5:57.85.

* — NYS Section II Qualifying Time

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