Girls MVP for Track

Clare Howard/Taconic Hills

Girls MVP for Field

Sky Whitfield/Albany Leadership


Rebecca Akinwale/Albany Leadership

Calli Barlow/Chatham

Grace Bartels/Coxsackie-Athens

Meghan Bennett/Maple Hill

Marie Box/Hudson

Rylee Brown/Hudson

Torri Carr/Hudson

Hanna Crown/Coxsackie-Athens

Tess Fitzmaurice/Greenville

Ava Hubert/Coxsackie-Athens

April Jacobs/Maple Hill

Skyler Misiaszek/Maple Hill

Angelina Pusateri/Maple Hill

Lily Russo/Taconic Hills

Hannah Spock/Chatham

Kimora Wiggins/Albany Leadership


Emily Allen/Catskill

Izzabell Bosko/Taconic Hills

Samantha Brahm/Maple Hill

Bryn Fitzmaurice/Greenville

Natalie Hinrichsen/Coxsackie-Athens

Eva Hirschoff/Maple Hill

Olivia MacGiffert/Cairo-Durham

Mikayla Khadijah/Cairo-Durham

Caroline Kosich/Greenville

Olivia Mann/Hudson

Ella Mulholland/Greenville

Gabrielle Myers/Cairo-Durham

Haley Olson/Taconic Hills

Carissa Palladino/Chatham

Brianna Schermerhorn/Cairo-Durham

Emily Smith/Greenville

Abigail Szklenka/Maple Hill

Isabella Thomas/Maple Hill

Coach of the Year

Katharine Curtis/Chatham


Boys MVP for Track

Neil Howard/Taconic Hills

Boys MVP for Field

Josh Hemmings/Taconic Hills


Konur Barlow/Chatham

Justin Caruso/Coxsackie-Athens

Zakh Chowdhury/Hudson

Devon Gaillard/Catskill

Tobiah Gieser/Maple Hill

George Isbester/Maple Hill

Timmy Jeralds/Chatham

Tobias Jeralds/Chatham

Ben Marra/Maple Hill

Ay’Zhaun Mclean/Green Tech

Jack Pomykaj/Maple Hill

Jesse Rosien/Taconic Hills

Ryan Russell/Greenville

Eli Russo/Taconic Hills

Aiden Smedstad/Coxsackie-Athens

Brandon Wolbert/Coxsackie-Athens


Chris Cortwright/Taconic Hills

Patrick Darling/Catskill

Josh Donnelly/Maple Hill

Aiden Fletcher/Maple Hill

Kevin Hammonds-Williams/Green Tech

Jeremy Hover/Rensselaer-Doane Stuart

Finn Kosich/Greenville

Brandon Moorehouse/Coxsackie-Athens

Ahmed Mufti/Hudson

Desmond Novack/Taconic Hills

Ryan Revell/Greenville

Deandre Smith/Hudson

Holden Spock/Chatham

Sam Sterantino/Maple Hill

Nate Van Valkenburg/Coxsackie-Athens

Ronez WorkmanGreen Tech

Coach of the Year

Joe McFerran/Coxsackie-Athens

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