Knotts Enterprise Inc.: Installing Efficient HVAC Systems While Maintaining the Charm of Older Homes and Commercial Buildings 

Ron Knott started working in the air conditioning and household appliance industries in Columbia County, New York in 1982, eventually expanding his services to central air and heating installations. In 1999, he officially established Knotts Enterprise Inc. as a heating and air conditioning contracting business.

While Columbia County has grown since Knott started his business, Knotts Enterprise has remained a small, family owned company with his wife working in the office and three people doing installations around the county. A hands-on owner and company president, Knott sells, designs and installs his own systems.

With the help of a certified technician (who’s also his nephew) and another installer, Knott provides services to a loyal customer base. “We operate based on word of mouth,” Knott said. “I’ve been in this business for 30 some years in the same county, so the customers that I did work for in the early 80s now have grown children who I do work for now too.”

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The range of HVAC services offered by Knotts Enterprise includes the installation of heat pumps, forced-air systems, boilers, hydronic piping, radiant heating and even geothermal systems. The company does a lot of residential work and specializes in renovations of homes that are 100 to 150 years old. These homes vary in size, from 1,500 square feet to more than 3,000 square feet. The most common service in these homes includes radiant heating retrofits with REHAU pipe and manifolds.

“There has been a surge in Columbia County of homeowners changing from oil to propane,” Knott said. “Our modulating high efficiency boilers are a great installation for those wanting to make that switch.”

One of Knott’s favorite residential projects includes a 5,000 sq ft farmhouse that the company serviced a few years ago. The owners are now adding a 2,500 square foot 3-floor garage with a game room, where Knott is currently installing radiant heating and air conditioning systems on all floors.

While the company concentrates on providing services in home renovations, they also have branched out to commercial building renovations. During the remodeling of a trolley station, Knott installed radiant heating, an electric boiler backup, an outdoor chiller and an air conditioning system in the attic. Although the station is privately owned, the owner donates its use to meetings for a local historical society.

A local garden and market center that sells plants and baked goods is gradually expanding and converting to greener HVAC systems. Knott is currently working on adding geothermal cooling to a kitchen expansion and integrating it with existing radiant heating in their greenhouse.

In renovation projects, Knott and his team work closely with architects, builders, engineers and homeowners to develop efficient systems. Not every company can keep up with the ever-changing environment that characterizes renovation projects. Knott feels that what sets his company apart is their ability to adapt to the constant changes that take place in renovations, along with their ability to work collaboratively with others to meet the customers’ needs.

Since the company’s HVAC expertise is heavily relied upon in renovations, Knott ensures that he and his employees are kept up to date on advancements in technology within the industry. The company maintains product training certifications from manufacturers such as Unico, Samsung and Mitsubishi. “Our ultimate goal is to provide a high-quality product that is up-to-date,” Knott said. “We provide efficient HVAC installations that give people excellent temperature management while maintaining the charming aesthetics of older homes or buildings.”

To contact Knotts Enterprise Inc., please reach out via phone at (518) 758-6144 or email at

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