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Hecate Energy - Shepherd's Run Solar Farm

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Shepherd's Run Solar Farm, a state of the art 60-megawatt photovoltaic solar facility, is under development in the Town of Copake. This project combines the technological sophistication, powerful reputation and management expertise of Hecate Energy.

The project supports the community by:

  • Delivering millions of dollars to the Town of Copake and Taconic Hills School District budgets over the life of the project.

  • Boosting the area's economy, creating construction jobs and adding commerce for local businesses.

Please join us in support of this project as we work collaboratively with the community to protect local environmental quality, combat global climate change and create new revenue for local government budgets.

For more information, please join us on our weekly zoom call every Wednesday at 10 am

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The surrounding communities are totally opposed to this massive industrial solar power plant. The town of Copake has had an ordinance on its books for many years prohibiting industrial-scale solar plants in the community and Hecate is completely disregarding the local ordinance. Thousands have signed a petition at opposing this massive industrial-scale plant which will add very few permanent full-time jobs and fundamentally alter this rural community which depends on agriculture and tourism for its economic life. Further, Hecate is seeking to reduce the taxes they would pay, further negatively impacting the local communities of Copake, Hillsdale and Craryville. Note, the energy will likely go downstate which does not meet NYS renewable energy goals. Why then site in upstate NY rather than downstate? Most likely they assumed less opposition, fewer resources to fight and cheaper land, this is no different than building a prison or sewage treatment plan in a poor minority part of a city!! To put the scale of this project in perspective they plan to use an estimated ~200,000 solar panels over 500 acres of what is now rural farmland. Copake lake, the largest lake in Columbia County and about 1 mile from this industrial project is actually smaller in size! This project will completely destroy the viewshed of this amazingly beautiful area. This is a disaster!!!!

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