HUDSON - Greylock Federal Credit Union, a community-focused organization, announces that the Credit Union is opening a new branch in the Fairview Avenue area. According to President/CEO John Bissell, the full-service branch will open in 2020. Greylock recently signed a lease and retained a project manager to begin the planning and design phase.

“We are excited to join this vibrant community,” said Bissell. “Greylock’s culture of diversity, inclusion and compassion is a perfect fit for the area and we are looking forward to becoming a strong partner in Columbia County’s success.” Bissell said that over 1,500 residents are already members and will soon have the benefit of a full-service branch. “For those that aren’t familiar with us yet, we look forward to meeting you!”

Greylock is designated a Community Development Credit Union. As such, it strives to achieve financial inclusion for everyone. To complement its full range of highly competitive financial services and products, Greylock is committed to providing free financial counseling, educational opportunities, and specialized financial products designed to build credit and grow family assets.

Bissell and his executive team will meet with local leaders over the next few months to build partnerships that will allow Greylock to fulfill its vision to enable the community to thrive.

According to SVP Human Resources Rebecca Riordan, Greylock will begin its search for employees shortly. “We are excited to start building a great team in Hudson. At Greylock, we embrace diversity and believe in inclusion, creating an environment where all employees have a voice,” says Riordan.

She said, “A devotion to community financial wellness and a sincere desire to help others are woven into our organization. We look forward to creating a new Greylock staff in Hudson that reflects these commitments and the community.”

Those interested in learning more about Greylock’s financial services, employment opportunities and charitable giving should go to

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