To the editor:

Most of the members of the all-white Village of Catskill Police are Oath Keepers. Its origins are the Klu Klux Klan.

Consequences are the new $90 million debt obligation for a new jail that was never justified, adjoining county jails are 85% empty. The $90 million new debt for a jail doesn’t leave any money for remedial programs. It’s a dead expense, no return for the investment.

Sheriff Kusminsky, unfortunately, continued the Seeley contamination by hiring Mathew Seeley, Greg’s son.

Notice that the County or Village of Catskill Police reviews simply coalesced power to the police. Without an authoritative civilian review board, our police have full power. In my extended experience, our courts are ineffective.

County Administrator Shaun Groden did the same thing in Michigan, where he was successfully sued in his personal and professional capacity.

Kaplan and Linger orchestrated my arrest for simply attending the January 2019 legislature meeting. Kaplan’s blocked my email for over four years. Similarly twisted is the plan to build homeless Gulags on the new jail site, which are more jail cells.

The yearlong timeout COVID-19 provided is only useful if we fix our pre-covid problems. This begins with strict oversight of our local police and a sharp shift from police budgets to social and medical spending.

The first step is to authorize independent civilian oversight. The second is to stop overspending for police and start spending on professional medical and mental health. Please!

Scott Myers


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