To the editor:

I applaud the Columbia County Sheriff Office’s implementation of a policy of non-cooperation with the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. Their policy prohibits its officers from participating in immigration enforcement or cooperating with the ICE.

Rather than working toward the purpose it was created for, the ICE has instead become a cold abusive agency which abuses its power, breaks constitution, has proven to be unable to adequately care for its detainees, and has repeatedly shown it has no regard for the human lives its responsible for.

Columbia County’s policy is not as unconventional as it may seem. In fact, Rensselaer County is now the only county left in the capital region which is still cooperating with the ICE.

The Libertarian Party’s stance on immigration is that all peaceful people are welcome to seek a better life. Republicans have proven to show little regard for the humanity of peaceful immigrants in their efforts to strengthen and further empower this massive tax-spending agency. And Democrats have only proven to pretend to care, evidenced by the fact that the Biden administration is still housing teens in the very detention centers it denounced before taking office.

Libertarians as a party battle a misperception that we’re anarchist tax-evaders. The truth is that we’re more like the vast majority of the population.

We’re peaceful people who believe it’s up to each individual to live their lives however they want to, liberal or conservative. Just don’t force your views upon others. That’s what it means to be libertarian.

Matthew Bathrick

Secretary of the Columbia County Libertarian Party


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