To the editor:

The following is an email I recently wrote to Fox & Friends:

I can no longer put up with your propaganda about what a wonderful president we have. He is a liar, a bully, a coward and a vindictive evil person. He refuses to take responsibility for his inept decisions. Instead he blames the Democrats or the media or a conspiracy theory. We need a leader who is truthful and someone we trust. We do not need a leader who encourages protests and uses lies to divide us. I learned the concept of ‘divide and conquer’ in elementary school. I understand Trump’s IQ is quite low (poor guy) but even idiots see through his scam. I will be proud if you put me in jail for my comments. I would love for Trump to go after me on Twitter. It is mind boggling to me that so many Americans choose to believe that idiot. Please read my email on one of your shows. Preferably one that Trump watches. If you don’t, it will show how cowardly your network is. This is not libel, it’s the truth.

Sandra Lankenau


Johnson Newspapers 7.1


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