To the editor:

After swallowing Trump’s fascist regime during the past four years, we are finally being rescued by the decency in President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris.

Unfortunately, Trump continues with final acts of defiance. By not adhering to normal transition of power, daily briefings and access to much needed power to address the horrific pandemic raging unchecked across the country, he has destined our citizens to sickness and death.

Trump’s petulant behavior witnessed many times, is placing this country in dangerous territory. His pattern of firing experienced essential military positions and White House staff with inept individuals lacking any knowledge of crucial jobs proves Trump’s ego cannot tolerate anyone that knows more than him, and will be a puppet under his thumb.

Trump’s final exit will leave this country in dire straits. His ‘let them each cake’ attitude in never addressing the virus and resulting deaths, lack of jobs, families forced onto food lines while the man turns his back on U.S. citizens, is treasonous. I believe his claim of incurring the virus was a scam. By downplaying the affect he proved to this brainwashed followers the virus pandemic is exaggerated and nothing more than hyperbole.

If Trump had been working for another country he couldn’t have done more damage. He certainly wasn’t working in our best interest.

Eileen Minogue

Haines Falls

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