To the editor:

A guest on a local radio station suggested that either “one is a Republican or an American.” As I thought about this (and I am a life-long Democrat) I realized that this did not represent all Republicans. The Lincoln Project, Cindy McCain, General Michael Hayden, General Jim Mattis, Colin Powell, Rina Shaw, (Republican women for Biden) to name a few, have looked at the facts and have made an informed and courageous decision.

The Lincoln Project, in particular, has implored voters to do the same. For them, and countless other Republicans it’s country over party. It is no longer about “Republican vs Democrat,” “Conservative vs Liberal,” “Red vs Blue.” It’s no longer about Black Lives Matter vs the Police. (All intelligent people know that the two can co-exist). Party loyalty takes a back seat to true patriotism and equality for all. Do we care about the health and well-being of our family, friends and neighbors? Do we believe in the rule of law? Do we want to continue as a democracy? I do and so do these Republicans.

I love my country! I am voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris And I am an American! Are you?

Rena Liggio


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