To the editor:

For more than a year I have attended Taconic Hills School Board meetings. Board of Education members have made unsubstantiated voter fraud comments. Their suspicions manifested themselves when they changed the requirements for residency in 2020. At the Taconic Hills School Board Election last June, 384 ballots were “set aside.” School Board President Bonnie Torchia stated that these ballots were contested. I believe that every person who voted in the 2020 election thinks their vote was counted. I know I do. The voters who cast those 384 ballots have never been told that their votes were not counted. Two board members have repeatedly advocated for the voters to be notified and told why. Thus, voters would be able to address the deficiency when casting their vote in future elections. Without notification the 384 voters will be permanently disenfranchised.

On Sept. 16, I attended the School Board meeting. I brought up the matter of the 384 ballots that were set aside. I made the following statement:

I urge you to reconsider notifying the 384 voters whose ballots were rejected in 2020.

I firmly believe that every person’s vote matters. I volunteer to work with the district to notify every voter whose ballot was rejected. Identifying the reason for rejection, explaining what needs to be done differently when voting in 2021. I will personally pay for the stamps.

My comment was met with silence. No one has contacted me. Was your vote counted? Is there voter fraud or voter suppression?

Erlyn Madonia


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Is the State aware of what was done? Given the State provides funding to the school, one would think they would be concerned about the abuse of power when this involves the annual school budget.

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