To the editor:

I am one of your loyal patrons. I love visiting your fine establishment, with friends, or family, or even sometimes, alone.

I’m just a regular person; not a celebrity, not a medical specialist, not a leader of any religion, or philosophy, or school of thought. I’m also, most especially, not a politician. Just a regular person who so appreciates what your fine establishment has to offer and understands the hard work and dedication it takes to maintain such excellence.

And I know you have suffered in these hard times. It was a year of great deprivation and loss for you, your fellow proprietors and all those patrons, like me, who wanted so much to be at your door.

And then, finally, with medical intervention, we had a momentary reprieve. And all those house bound folks flew out the door to be with you, and celebrate some semblance of normalcy: wining, dining, music and sporting events, shopping! Ripping off the mask, socializing, hugging, breathing free again, it was a glorious moment.

And almost before we could discard our last mask, life once again was and is threatened!

This time the threat comes from an offshoot of COVID19, Delta, the even more treacherous variant that wants its way with us. Only this time it’s coming for the young, the unvaccinated, the immune-suppressed vaccinated. It’s sneaky, and oh so easily transmitted. It doesn’t care who you are, what color you are, how young or old, how rich or poor. And it has one goal in mind, to spread its toxin as fast and in as wide a field as possible, and to KILL!

This, my friend, is a PLEA to help head off this new nightmare. I know how tired you are of the damn virus, we all are. But the virus really doesn’t care how worn out from it we are. We are its prey, its feeding host, its target!

I know you’ve closed your doors in the past, lost a great deal of income, and can’t suffer those losses yet again.

But you can do something! You can require your employees wear masks, encourage them to get vaccinated now before it’s too late, provide distancing in your establishments, and keep the numbers of your patrons to a small number at any one time.

This you can do; this I am pleading with you to do. This will save lives. Many. Young lives that don’t have to die because of misinformation, poor judgement, or fear.

Good health is not a political issue, or at least it shouldn’t be. The virus, the Delta especially, doesn’t give a crap If you are a Republican or Democrat, Christian, Muslim or Jew. It doesn’t care if your Caucasian, Hispanic, Native American, Asian or Black. It doesn’t care if you’re 15 or 52. It doesn’t care a bit.

But you do, I know you do. And I do, and all those who might avoid the hospital, the ventilator, and possible death will care, too. Especially when they see their young friends and family unnecessarily dying.


Thank you, your very loyal patron.

Audrey Schoenfeld


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