To the editor:

Since March, more than 200,000 Americans have died from the COVID-19 pandemic, millions have become unemployed, climate-fueled disasters have destroyed lives, and racial injustice has continued to compound the impacts of these crises on Black, Indigenous, communities of color, the elderly, and working people. In varying degrees, our state and local governments have tried addressing these issues, but the national response has been totally inadequate to these dire crises.

With a united effort at every level of government we will emerge from these crises stronger and with clear action plans to ensure that people and our planet are protected. To do right by our communities and generations to come, we cannot afford to stop short of a full Just Recovery.

The Just Recovery pledge is a project led by 350 Action, along with a coalition of partners. We call on Governor Cuomo, State Senators Amedore and Jordan, Assembly Members Ashby, Barrett and Tague, our County leadership, Representative Delgado, Senators Gillibrand and Schumer to join in reimagining how we rebuild for a better future. We must demand that our leaders put people over profit at all levels, and publicly pledge to work for a just recovery that integrate these principles in response to our current health, economic, climate, and racial injustice crises:

Protect all workers

Provide Medicare for all

Provide relief directly to people in need, regardless of immigration status

Protect our democracy and our right to vote

Prioritize community-led recovery in hardest hit communities

Stop Fossil Fuel extraction

Invest in a Green New Deal

Bill Mancini


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