To the editor:

First of all, why oh why does Greene County keep entertaining the notion of having one factory or warehouse or another on the RIVER! We’ve been moving toward getting anything ugly or harmful away from the river, not only for safety but for aesthetics. It is a huge tourism resource if used properly. Yet, here we are again in Athens fighting another obviously BAD idea. What entity is responsible for not saying no in the first place? You need a reality check.

Next, you’d better be right about crucifying Bob Gaus with the article you placed on the most prime real estate in your newspaper. It read more like an obituary, which is what it could be for his career. What happened to “innocent until proven guilty”? Logically, how could he have gotten the life insurance policy if a member of that family hadn’t given it to him and possibly given him permission to sign their name? If you’re wrong, how are you going to undo the damage you’ve done? All I can say is, he did right by me when my brother in-law died. No other funeral home I contacted asked me if my brother in-law was on social services and then told me I could go there and apply for them to pay most of the funeral expenses, AND that he would accept that decreased payment as payment in full, except for the cards, urn and death certificate. I hope your investigative team follows up.

Joyce Lissandrello


Johnson Newspapers 7.1


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