To the editor:

The responsibility for the millions of lives lost and infected by the Corona virus lies with this administration. Outrageous so-called cures were tossed to the public while discrediting scientific advice. During the past year, our country has been isolated, businesses closing, jobs lost and long lines of people waiting for food. Still no plan addressing these problems has been attempted. In fact the virus and its effects on health workers, the economy, isolation and fear is never, ever addressed. Except now that a vaccination is near, Trump is patting himself on the back, “It would take another president five years to get a vaccine,” but we did it in months.

Writer Varelas on his accusations against Democrats (destroying free speech, taking away our freedoms, following in the footsteps of Nazi Germany, etc.) perfectly describes the disintegration of democracy during the last four years under Trump.

He has suppressed truth, defied the Constitution, displayed total lack of decency and rules our country as a dictatorship. His behavior during the election is an example of selfishness, un-Americanism and one totally absorbed in himself. These are not qualifications our country deserves as its leader.

The media is not to blame for the depiction of events during this administration’s time in office. The First Amendment protects Freedom of the Press, but at the onset of his presidency, Trump’s message to the people was all media is “Fake News,” damaging the media’s credibility and leaving Trump’s lies as the only voice to trust. His deceptions can be witnessed during his many public diatribes. An astute person would be able to arrive at their own conclusions.

The most worrisome issue is the millions of citizens clinging to this tyrant’s words. His ideas and actions are those of a fascist, which must be the attraction. They claim to be avid Americans with democratic ideals but I suspect Trump feeds them and their appetites for keeping this country’s favoring white citizens’ interests. Hitler too mesmerized the masses; history tells the results. Or are those accounts fake news too?

Eileen Minogue

Haines Falls

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