To the editor:

New York Congressmen Zeldin and Stefanik Violated the Constitution and Must be removed Now!

Lee Zeldin and Elise Stefanik, both reps of New York State, both took an oath of office and a pledge of service as representatives of New York State to protect and abide the Constitution. They have both violated this oath of office and their pledge when they chose to sign their names in agreement with the bogus Texas lawsuit. The Supreme Court voted down their request to act on this, unanimously. Specifically, they are both in violation of Section 3 of the 14th. Amendment, whereby it states “any member of State legislature who has engaged in insurrection and rebellion against the same can and shall be removed by Congress”. I call on Congress, and the People of NY State to call for their removal now.

By signing this lawsuit, they have both attempted to overturn the election results illegally, and have demonstrated a clear intention to destroy the very Democracy the US stands for and which enabled the very positions they hold today. They must be removed immediately. By signing this document, they have illustrated a clear and present danger to our great Nation.

We must remember we are a Nation of the people, by the people, and for the people. The people voted and elected legally, and by a landslide, the Biden/Harris ticket. Efforts to overturn this result are basically an attempted coup and act of treason. They must go! Now!

Audrey Schoenfeld


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