To the editor:

What we see going on in our country, the protests, willingness to be exposed to Covid19 because the rage is so deep, is not a Black problem but a White problem. I am a senior, white woman. I have witnessed enough hatred, evil treatment onto death of our Black citizens to last a thousand lifetimes. There is no excuse. Whites are just taking their frustration and pain out on the weak. And this is the coward’s way. Feeling emboldened by fat-pocketed friends and leaders that would use them, they hurt the closest at hand. It is like the man who feels mistreated by his boss who then comes home to take it out on his dog and his wife. We Whites have lost our way. We may not have personally perpetrated a harmful act or even thought about doing one but our silence and sense of propriety, perhaps fear of being ridiculed, has gone on so long now that we have become the problem. We talk about it in protected circles when we should be shouting it out from the rooftops.

There was Black slavery at the hands of Whites at our country’s beginning. But the sensitive among our race, those who looked for fairness, and saw that all of God’s children are the same, and refused to just say it without acting upon it, were also a force for seeing that right was done. We no longer have slavery. But we have had continued disparity in opportunity and treatment since the abolition of slavery. The wealthiest and most powerful among our race at the moment do not care any more about us, the average Whites, than they do the Black, Brown, Yellow or Red people. But they are using those among us who would look down into the muck and rather have our feelings of frustration and victimhood stroked than look up into the light where one can see clearly. We Whites are the problem. It is time that we get out of our self-centered bubbles and behave with dignity, worth and purpose for clean air and water for all and good citizenship toward others. Otherwise, all of us are doomed together, Black, White, Brown, Yellow and Red. Our country is far from being a place that is a bright, shiny star. Its ugly and we Whites are the problem.

Lana Bennett

East Chatham

Johnson Newspapers 7.1


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