To the editor:

In a time when the most progressive planners are moving away from unnecessarily wide roads to encourage small businesses and improve quality of life, and the latest studies show that road width is directly related to traffic fatalities, we, the residents of Fish and Game Road, the ones who live on and deal directly with it, are concerned that little thought and logic is being put into the development of our road and we feel that transparency and thorough community involvement is absolutely necessary.

To ensure that the appropriate decisions are made on our behalf, the Claverack town board and the board of engineers owe us a clear explanation that we can respond to and agree on as a community.

The widening project proposed for Fish and Game Road is both vague in details and intent, as there is contradiction between what we are being told in our interactions with county officials and notices of eminent domain, and the official project update that indicates plans to only improve a few culverts and pave shoulders.

The national cooperative Highway research program found that widening roads marked under 50 mph, beyond 10 feet per lane, leads to speeds well above the marked limits and therefore a greater frequency of traffic accidents and deaths.

We don’t feel we are being unreasonable in asking to be kept in the loop and involved in the upgrade process, after all, the road is there to serve the residents of Columbia County.

We are tired of being given the runaround at meetings, having doors shut in our faces and being given contradictory information regarding what will actually happen to our homes, businesses and front yards, if the county wishes to move forward with this project, we demand to be consulted and informed, for as minor of an issue this may appear to be for those not living on Fish and Game Road, giving the go ahead for the county to tear up private property with impunity sets a dangerous precedent, that once broached, can never be reversed.

Theodore Koch


Johnson Newspapers 7.1


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