To the editor:

America’s traditions, values and prosperity are being threatened by Socialist-Marxist ideas under the name of “Progressive.” The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is America’s biggest threat to our freedoms. Churchill once warned the West prior to WWII, that if Western Civilization is defeated, an age of darkness and suffering would come upon the whole world. As the leader of the free world, America’s survival is critical for the whole world. There is no alternative.

It’s not Russia anymore, it’s Chinese Socialism-Marxism (CCP) that is threating America and the free world. Trump saw it coming and stood up to the Chinese threat. President Biden, either knowingly, or unknowingly is surrendering to the left. By shutting down our energy production, he is allowing Russia and China to grow their economies, while he strangles America with regulations and his “climate change” policies. Russia and Saudi Arabia will sell more oil and China will continue to pollute the world, free of any regulations. Is this good for America?

Thirty five years ago, KGB defector, Yuri Bezmenov warned America about the Socialist-Marxism attack on America’s freedom. He predicted there are 3 major ways that America will be defeated. They are: (1) The slow eradication of our history; (2) the left’s brainwashing of young people in our schools and colleges, (3) the decline of our national morality as seen today by the decreasing influence of Christianity and the Bible, pillars of our great Judeo-Christian culture.

The destruction of our statues by anti-American Marxists was the first sign of their attack on our history and culture. They knocked down statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Jesus Christ, and the Virgin Mary while leftist Democrats said nothing and watched the burning and killing and looting. College professors teach our children how bad America was and still is. Yes, slavery was evil and wrong, but it was our great Christian Founders, the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, written by white Christian men who loved freedom that stopped this cancer and eliminated it. History recorded it, and the left is not telling our young people this fact in many of our nation’s colleges.

If we loose the memory of our past, good and bad, we loose our history that teaches us how we survived. Again, this is Socialism-Marxism 101 seeking to destroy our freedoms. Without America’s trust in God and the Bible to influence our youth, we will soon loose our freedoms and especially free speech. We should consider these serious warnings. George Washington wisely said, “It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible”.

May God help us to overcome in these crucial days ahead. We better fear the alternative and speak out while there is still time.

May God Bless America and may freedom ring.

Jim Varelas

East Jewett

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