To the editor:

I am deeply grateful to Senator Mitt Romney. Although I disagree with him on almost every issue, we share a belief in evidence-based rule of law. In his emotional impeachment-vote speech, Senator Romney hoped everyone could at least assume that all were acting in good faith. But his Republican colleagues are not acting in good faith.

They are propounding the noxious lie that the U.S. Constitution is a platform for tyranny; and they have found their tyrant. Or he has found them.

The day after he was found not guilty enough, at the annual nonpartisan National Prayer Breakfast, the president couldn’t agree with Jesus’ command to love our enemies.

According to Donald Trump, he is the Chosen One. His enemies are vicious, evil traitors, and all of them — all of us — are going to go through some things.

Unless — please God — those of us who care about evidence-based reality come together across the spectrum of American life to assert our right to real elections and democracy.

Patricia Goldsmith


Johnson Newspapers 7.1


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