To the editor:

We wish to share with all the letter from James J. Keller, Jr, Chief, Voluntary Service, at Stratton VAMC, Albany. We are the go-betweens for all of you and our veterans in need. Thank you.

Dear Ginny, Bob, Al and ALA members and all,

Wow, what a year! Despite these challenging times, American Legion Post and Unit 1327, in addition to the Prattsville Community [and surrounding areas], managed to come through! We have seen a dramatic increase in the demand on our Veterans food pantry, toiletry and clothing rooms since the pandemic began, and have been providing, on average, over 2500 items per month to local Veterans in need.

Your ongoing and generous donations of equipment, electronics, candy, gifts, event supplies and comfort items for our CLC Veterans, in addition to the tremendous amount of gift cards, food, clothing, toiletries and comfort items these past several months were critical in helping us meet this demand.

As always, we appreciate your continued dedication in providing for the needs of the increasing number of Veterans we serve, and for the time it takes to organize, load, and deliver these items to the Medical Center — we could not do it with you!

Again, thank you for supporting our mission to ‘Care for Veterans with Compassion and Excellence.’


James J. Keller, Jr.,

Chief, Voluntary Service

We again send our appreciation to all who assist us in coming to the aid of our veterans in need — locally, hospitalized, or where one of our heroes is in need.

Bob and Ginny Gurley, American Legion Virgil E. Deyo Post 1327 and American Legion Auxiliary Virgil E. Deyo Unit 1327 Prattsville

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