To the editor:

Thank you for the story on the pets rescued after Hurricane Laura.

Especially thank you for the credit given Humane Society of Louisiana and Jeff Dorson. I had the pleasure of working with Jeff and the group after Hurricane Katrina. He is a dedicated, hard-working man who deserves all the credit he can get, and likewise for the entire group. They had purchased property in Mississippi a month before Katrina and evacuated people and animals to it when the storm hit.

Volunteers from all over the country found the raggedy old farm on a dirt road near Tylertown, MS. Some made the almost 200 mile round trip into New Orleans every day to scour the city looking for animals left behind. Others on site literally built a shelter from the ground up and cared for hundreds of rescued animals — dogs, cats, birds, hamsters and more over the weeks after the storm — and after doing this all day took shifts patrolling at night because dog fighters were trying to break in to steal the animals. It was one of the most phenomenal experiences of my life.

The group concentrates on cruelty cases, but also jumps in to do what they can after disasters. They also collected and passed out hundreds of pounds of pet food to people in Laura’s aftermath. Jeff conducts classes to instruct area law enforcement on handling cruelty cases and has broken several dog fighting rings. No animal in need is turned away, they now have four properties to care for the cases taken in and run everything on donations.

Thanks also to Ron Perez and CGHS for taking these animals.

Good job well done by all! I wish I could have been down there to help again.

Barbara Peduzzi


Johnson Newspapers 7.1


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