To the editor:

Hello. I would like to introduce myself. I am Maureen Hanse, the school board member who is responsible for continuing to say only “8” people show up. I know sometimes it is more than 8, but often it is less. And I’m not counting a sit-in for an actual board meeting showing your discontent for not liking mask wearing or the mascot change or reconfiguration.

Let’s talk about bullying. Nobody likes it, but is anyone recognizing that it goes on every board meeting? We are VOLUNTEERS, that is, people who take the time to serve for FREE and we are expected to sit there and be chastised and yelled at and told that we don’t do our jobs and we’re going to be sued, replaced, and then told we’re not doing anything? Is that constructive?

So it doesn’t count as bullying when any of you do it?

We are a meeting held in public, not a public meeting. We don’t have to provide public input, but we do. When we provide the forums, that is your opportunity to engage in a dialogue with us.

Do you listen to your kids when they are throwing a fit and calling you names and saying mean things? Or are you more likely to take a pause and consider their side of things if they present you with a valid argument? Do you give in to everything they want?

Let’s work together for the sake of all our children.

Maureen Hanse


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