To the editor:

Taconic Hills has three candidates for school board on the ballot for one open seat. All three speak of their love of kids and community as their reason for running. Two candidates speak of their family legacy. One candidate, Sheryl Boris-Schacter speaks about her 35 year of experience as a teacher, Principal, Professor of Education, and author.

Serving on a school board is hard work. Board members spend many hours a week pouring over information from the State Education Department, student assessment data, budget, and board policies in order to make decisions that raise student achievement, address social-emotional needs, are fiscally responsible, and best serve the needs of the community and taxpayers. Only candidate Sheryl Boris-Schacter has the know-how and preparation to step into this role on Day 1.

Recent nativist comments on social media equate legacy as a reason to vote for a candidate. COVID-19 will require extraordinary measures to meet the needs of students and staff in September. In her current job as Academic Vice President for a national education non-profit, Sheryl has been doing exactly this work since the COVID-19 crisis started!

All voting is by absentee ballot only, and the school district is sending ballots to some, but not all voters. Contact District Clerk Melissa Layman at 518-325-2891 or email to ensure that you will get a ballot. Don’t delay! All ballots must be received by 5 pm June 9 for your vote to be counted.

Vote for Sheryl Boris-Schacter.

Stephanie Sussman


Johnson Newspapers 7.1


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So what is your candidate's sudden interest in the Taconic Hills School District?

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