To the editor:

There is division in this country like I haven’t seen in my lifetime, and it’s ugly out there. This election season, I’m displaying signs on my property for candidates I support, and like many others in Columbia County, I’ve been the victim of vandalism. Biden/Harris signs are being stolen, damaged, and destroyed. I came home from work yesterday to discover that my sign was ripped from its metal posts and cut or torn in half. This was no accident. Someone wanted to send me a message.

Of course I’m angry, and of course the police have been notified. But this is bigger than a lawn sign. This is the most important election of my lifetime and you can bet your bottom dollar I’m going to vote. You can tear down my sign, but you will never tear down my spirit.

This year, I’m voting for Joe Biden, Antonio Delgado, Patrick Nelson, and Didi Barrett. I know it’s tempting to feel like things will never change. But voting is the easiest, least expensive, and best way to make your voice heard. These candidates are our best shot at real change, at healing the wounds of systemic racism, at pulling us from the abyss of a global pandemic, and making this a country of which I am once again proud to be a citizen.

In closing, I’d like to ask all of your readers to join me in voting for these candidates. We can make a difference.

Kathleen Proper


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