To the editor:

Last week in Gallatin I watched in shock from my driveway as a man driving a white SUV deliberately drove to the wrong side of the road in order to knock over two Biden signs. I rushed to put up the signs again. Two days later the signs were gone along with nine others along our road and connecting roads.

We called the sheriff to report both the missing signs and the knocked down signs. I am angry and concerned for all of us.

Elections are about free choice. Signs are meant to persuade voters. To express opinions. All of which is protected in the Constitution and by statutes. This is not only about damaging and removing property, which is a crime not a prank, it is also damaging our freedom of speech. Please watch out for these criminals. Report them. It is not right. It is dangerous for all of us if our elections are tarnished by bullying and our democratic process is threatened.

Please talk to your neighbors. Find out what they are thinking. There is a lot of anger out there. Let’s figure out together how to make our community and our country work for all of us.

Jan Hopkins


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