To the editor:

In 1958 while attending college at the Univ. of Mass., I heard the term “creeping Socialism.” Our economics professor was very concerned about America’s future. Today, our colleges are teaching the glories of Socialism to our young people.

In 1968, while attending a college conference I heard the liberal-left talking about the “outdated” nuclear family. They saw no need for a father and mother. They said the State can do a better job. I asked the question, “What about the children?” Many of the delagates booed me and shouted “sit down.” Today the nuclear family is in real trouble. Look at what is happening in many of our major cities where children have no father at home.

Socialist/Marxist philosophy has always sought to replace individual freedoms under God, with dependence upon the government. This was true in the Socialist-Democratic Party under Hitler, Stalin’s Socialist-Marxist government in Russia, Socialist/Marxism in China, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela. It has brought untold suffering and death to millions of innocent people. Also their first goal was to take away its people’s guns.

Hitler, in the early ‘30s gave Germany the “Black Shirts” who went into the cities and smashed window, shut down businesses, beat up innocent citizens and stopped free speech. It is the “Progressive Left” today in America doing the same kinds of things. Burning, looting, rioting, and stopping free speech in colleges and across this great land.

Have we as a people gone blind to what is taking place in this great citadel of freedom we call America? Churchill said the “virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of misery.” Socialism/Marxism divides a nation to conquer it.

The Socialist/Marxist progressives, will give us more suffering, less freedom and increase our decline. Do we hear the distant troubling drum-beat?

The choice is clear for America: More “creeping Socialism” or the freedom that has blessed America and the world, the free market system with “limited” government.

May God help us choose the right path in November, freedom not Socialism.

James T Varelas

East Jewett

Johnson Newspapers 7.1


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