To the editor:

I was horrified to read that Sarah Craddock, of New Lebanon, was shot & seriously injured by a local policeman, after calling the police depart. with a suicide threat. Clearly, anyone threatening suicide is not emotionally stable, and while she might have called the Suicide Hotline for help, it seems the New Leb. police dept. should have done exactly that in her stead. Instead, it is my understanding that what they did was send a rookie police officer to her home, and when faced with this emotionally distraught woman, shot her close up, leaving her severely injured with life threatening injuries.

Now, I learn that Justice Barry Sack of Hudson has arraigned her, virtually, as she lies desperately injured at an Albany Hospital, with two police officers standing guard no less! This woman can hardly move or talk, why are those guards there at all?

This is a travesty of justice and calls for immediate action and community defense for Sarah, who is the victim, not the criminal. The officer who shot her close up should be called into account, he is the one who should be arraigned for misuse of his firearm, and assessing and handling a cry for help in the worst possible way.

What is wrong with the New Lebanon police, that they don’t recognize a plea for help when they hear it? This calls for an immediate investigation, & prayers for Sarah Craddock, who, if she survives, will never be the same again.

Audrey Schoenfeld


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