To the editor:

For all the right reasons — sexual harrassment, nursing home fatality coverups and acting as “bully, thug, creep and coward,” Senator Daphne Jordan (R 43rd)) is absolutely right in her take down of Andrew Cuomo and the enablers around him. Jordan is also spot on in applauding the courageous women who came forward to challenge and bring down the governor. A totally right response to the disgraced man. However, I wish that Senator Jordan’s attacks on predators was consistant. Would that she had the moral outrage and political courage to go after Donald Trump who, for all of his life, has precisely fit the description of “bully, thug, creep and coward.”

Once upon a time, the difference between Democrats and Republicans was about issues and governmental priorities. Those distinctions hold today but are dwarfed by this: with very few exceptions, Republicans quietly accept the historic malfeasance of the former President and his host of enablers. Democrats have had the courage to bring down their own, as witness the unanimous response to the Attorney General’s damning Cuomo report. I hope that Senator Jordan will soon join the handful of Republicans calling out the bad guys of any political stripe that are out there destroying our democracy.

Ed Kornbluh

Schodack Landing

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