To te editor:

Say NO to Lee Zeldin in his bid for Governor of New York! Remember, he is the one who signed that bogus Texas law suit, disputing the legality of the 2020 election, and siding with the same folks who brought you the Jan.6th. insurrection of the Capitol. This is not someone you can trust to do the best for NY, rather he is only interested in doing the best for himself! Don’t let it happen! And while your at it, vote Stefanik out of office as soon as possible, she is also aligned with the dangerous segment of our population that doesn’t believe in upholding our Constitution.

While Cuomo has had his issues, he is still the best person for the job, especially in these perilous and challenging times.

Stop Lee Zeldin now, and send him packing, along with those who are feeding his coffers. Who exactly are those folks? Names, please.

Audrey Schoenfeld


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