To the editor:

On July 16, Governor Cuomo signed a series of election law changes which he stated would make it easier for voters to “perform their critical functions and keep our democracy running.” The reforms do include important measures such as allowing absentee ballots through electronic means as well as requiring boards of elections to publicize changes in polling places. While any measures to expand voting access are certainly welcome and necessary, these reforms fail to address the true failures in election integrity created by the Governor himself.

Last year Cuomo changed the ballot access rules for a political party to increase the thresholds from 50,000 votes to 130,000 votes (or 2% of the total vote, whichever is greater) in an attempt to essentially kill third parties.

It’s not just in New York, but Republicans and Democrats throughout the country have been colluding to restrict ballot access to third parties in several states. Additionally, legitimate third party candidates are regularly denied participation in debates and are regularly disregarded by local and national media outlets.

If Governor Cuomo is so concerned with voter rights, why has he worked so hard to restrict their choices and exclude third parties such as Libertarians from the ballots?

Why be afraid of more options? Why should everyone keep settling for inadequate candidates offered by Republicans and Democrats just because one may be “the lesser of two evils?”

There are options. Learn more at

Matthew Bathrick

Secretary of the Columbia County Libertarian Party

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