Republicans care more about re-election

Dr. Chrisanne Gordon

To the editor:

The lawyers for President Trump argue that impeachment robs the people of their 2020 vote on Trump’s fitness for office. They also argue that the President has not committed any impeachable offenses.

John Bolton’s new book proves that the President is withholding crucial evidence by prohibiting firsthand witnesses — men on the public payroll — from testifying. If we the people are deprived of that evidence, the 2020 election will take place in an information vacuum. That shows great contempt for us as voters.

The House of Representatives used the evidence they had to vote to impeach the President for abuses of power and obstructions of Congress. The Republican Senators openly refuse to consider more firsthand evidence that we know exists.

They make light of the available evidence of the President’s self-interested manipulation of military aid for Ukraine and his sabotage of our Ambassador, Marie Yovanovitch. They are complicit in Trump’s obstruction of Congressional oversight of the Executive branch.

President Trump and many of the Republican Senators care more about re-election than about the checks and balances that sustain our republic. If the Senate fails to relieve him of the Presidency, if it becomes our job to decide on his fitness, let us remember that he treats us with the same contempt he shows toward our Constitution.

Judith Felsten


Johnson Newspapers 7.1


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