To the editor:

How do our governmental representatives learn to stop worrying and love apartheid? There is a discouragingly long list of progressive sellouts who have talked about human rights for Palestinians before they ran for office, only to forget about the suffering of five million once elected.

I am not talking about Trump, who learned to love Israel when Sheldon Adelson showered him with a hundred million. No, I am talking about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who spoke openly about Israel’s racist oppression, only to clam up when the Israel Lobby cash started flowing. And what about our brave new House member, Antonio Delgado, who won’t let the word Palestine slip from his lips? His price? $31,723 last year from the Lobby ( Or our new senator from Georgia, Raphael Warnock, who described the government of Israel as “shooting down unarmed Palestinian sisters and brother like birds of prey” before he was elected. Now he is off to the bank with this year’s payment of $444,659 from the Israel Lobby, having taken back all his rash words for the generous donations.

Israel’s influence on our government is as strong as that of Big Pharma, Big Banks, or Big Oil. It is a system drowning in cash and corruption. No matter whom we elect, they end up selling their souls for the money. When it comes to supporting the racist, Jewish supremacist regime in the Middle East, they become PEP, progressive except for Palestine.

The Israel Lobby is poisoning our democracy.

Fred Nagel


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