To the editor:

Always comforting to read something heart-warming, inspiring and relevant on the first page of The Daily Mail — or on any page — amidst our disturbing times, all things considered.

Thankful to be a 67-year old ‘baby boomer’ who advocates equality in every stratum (strata?) of life. Be that as it may, I was encouraged from a very young age to believe that almost any man who had good capabilities, a strong sense of purpose, integrity and jack-of-all-trade common sense and smarts could solve any problem in the world at large, or in my “little corner of the world,” with “one hand tied behind his back.”

To “cut to the chase,” I’m not ashamed to say I was multitudinously impressed with the wonderful job and historical “fait accompli” (at their own expense) by Gould and Flach/Selkirk Gould Erector and Riggers of successfully and safely extricate an 1874 cast brass bell from its decaying moorings.

Great work, group!

Jean M. Dunn


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